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Series Spotlight: HELLIONS RIDE MC Series by Chelsea Camaron


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In Hellions Ride, Chelsea Camaron delivers a wide range of emotions throughout the series. From strong character based story lines to your standard suspense filled motorcycle club drama. What I loved most about it? The story for each book were completely different while following a timeline and main plot for the club as a whole. I was able to follow each couple as they fell in love in One Ride, fight to hold on to their love like in Heated Ride and see how the Hellions MC began in Originals Ride.

It’s been an amazing ride meeting so many wonderful characters as they told their stories of love, passion and club life.

The Hellions Ride Series
by Chelsea Camaron

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one-ride-2015-cover-ebookOne Ride (The Hellions Ride #1)
Delilah “Doll” Reklinger never imagined her life with anyone that wasn’t a Hellion. She never imagined there would be a Hellion that could prove himself worthy enough to her father, Roundman, Hellions Club President. Content in living in the bubble of safety the motorcycle club family has always provided, Doll never thought that danger surrounded her.

Roundman has kept the Hellions contained for the last thirty years by controlling the chaos surrounding their lifestyle. When the dangerous side to their business comes knocking on his door, he realizes his precious Doll isn’t safe. The Hellions code may be that women and children are off limits in any altercation or dispute, but that doesn’t mean their enemies follow that same moral compass.

His only child, now in danger from the association to him and his club, Roundman makes a decision. He sends her away with a charter club member that he trusts, in hopes that the trouble won’t follow.

One ride across the country. One simple ride. Talon “Tripp” Crews has been ordered to take Doll on one ride away and to keep her safe. She’s off limits. His head knows this, but his body can’t deny the attraction. She’s feisty, fierce, and fearless.
Constantly in close confines together, can they deny the chemistry? Will they give into the desire? Can one ride turn lust into love?   Naughty Mom Review

ForeverRideForever Ride (The Hellions Ride #2)
Events happen in life that can awaken our truest and deepest desires. They also show us our greatest fears. Sometimes we are forced to face those fears, other times we build walls that can’t be broken to protect ourselves.

A profound connection these two once shared. A strong friendship once formed was shattered. Fate has stepped in and shaken both their worlds.

The danger, the wild, the chaos, and the lifestyle of the Hellions world has become far too much for Savannah ‘Sass’ Perchton. Swearing off bikers and attempting a ‘normal’ life, she has settled. She’s committed to Nick, her country club, pretty boy. She’s found a way to be content.

Things aren’t always what they seem. Wrap an empty box in pretty paper and a bow, it may look amazing, but it’s still a hollow shell.

He’s a Hellions playboy. A different chick in his bed, off on a different ride, and always something new. He’s Frank the ‘Tank’ Oleander, Haywood’s Hellions Road Chief. Throttle down and life is good.

The fast pace of the Hellions life catches up to him. At a crossroads, he’s forced to face some life changing thoughts or succumb to the darkness of death. Teetering on the brink of giving in, her voice is all he’s holding onto. The coma he can’t pull himself out of, but her voice is the light in the darkness. He wants the girl who pulled him through when his life was literally in the balance.

She’s sworn off bikers. Can he pull through? Can she ever see past the lifestyle to the heart of the man behind the cut? Will they find their Forever Ride?  Naughty Mom Review

MercilessRideMerciless Ride (The Hellions Ride #3)
Mercy is no friend of mine. Karma, she has yet to show kindness to me.

The hits just keep on coming for Tessie Marie Harlow. She has never had an easy life. Her mom disabled, her dad long gone, and a single mom raising a rambunctious little boy, that’s Tessie’s world.

Her childhood aspirations to be a nurse long since disappeared after a college spring fling both blessed and burdened her with a baby boy. Dropping out of school, she returns to her hometown and begins to settle in. Getting the only job she could as a bartender she spends her days caring for her son and nights serving the Hellions Motorcycle Club and their affiliates.

Tired of waiting for Rex to grow up, she’s faced with the bane existence of her life until one night changes everything. In the darkest hour of her merciless ride through life, she’s saved by a quiet, laid back Hellion.

Andy ‘Shooter’ Jenkins has always been around. Too wrapped in Rex she has never really noticed him before. He has never been loud or known to have the girls hanging all over him. He is a mystery. A chance encounter brings him to her rescue not once but twice.

The Desert Ghosts Motorcycle Club are in town and bring their own brand of chaos right to Tessie’s door. Forced into her day to day life, Shooter is doing everything he can to shelter and protect her as lines are crossed and a war between two clubs begins.

Secrets revealed putting two brothers in the Hellions Motorcycle Club at a serious crossroads in their lives.

This is not a ride for pleasure. This is not a ride for safety. This is not a ride for love. This is a ride for endurance. Mercy has never once shined her grace down for these two, but in the midst of the danger and lies can they learn to rely on one another and ride it out together?   Nauhty Mom Review

EternalRideEternal Ride (The Hellions Ride #4)
Two people once lost.
Two people once broken.
Two people who have endured the pain.
One love brought them together. One love healed their hearts and made them whole again. One love carries them through both the good times and the bad.
Shooter and Tessie have faced the shadows and demons that haunt their souls. They have built their life together on a solid foundation of love, friendship, and understanding. The only thing they haven’t done is make it official.
Join them as they come together to commit to one another for the eternal ride.   Naughty Mom Review

Innocent Ride (The Hellions Ride #5)
Opposites attract, or so the saying goes. When two people from different worlds come together by a chance meeting twisted with an element of danger, can their attraction remain innocent?

She’s a corporate accountant. Her life is full of structure, routine, and organization. Settled, comfortable, and content, Caroline Milton, loves knowing what to expect every minute of every day.

He’s the Catawba Hellions VP and a wild one, refusing to be tamed. His motto, ‘hit it, get it, and go; no repeats’ where women are concerned, guarantees a new woman in his bed nightly. His life suddenly tilted on its axis, when his wild days come barreling back with a major responsibility. Drexel ‘Rex’ Crews finds he has a real reason to settle down his wild ways.

When a situation quickly spins out of control at work for Caroline, she reaches out to the one place she least expected to find herself dependent upon. The Hellions Motorcycle Club.

His cousin’s ol’ lady, Doll, comes to him with a personal favor, protect her best friend. He can’t refuse. Protecting Caroline was supposed to be an innocent task.

The attraction from their first meeting is still a fire burning strong inside of them both. Neither can deny the pull. They come from different worlds.

Can Rex show Caroline the safety and security of the MC? Can Caroline tame the wild beast inside of Rex? Can their innocent ride become a journey to long lasting love?     Naughty Mom Review

simple-rideSimple Ride (The Hellions Ride #6)
After surviving the heat, the torture, and making it out of the sandbox one mission at a time, I have spent years on the ride, going mile after mile to escape the past. I thought I had left hell behind. Only, it is hard to run from the demons inside you.
It all changed when I found the Hellions brotherhood. My nightmares were chased away with the daylight of my new purpose in the club.
I’m a whore, born from trash; that’s what he always told me. Well, sugar, if you can’t beat it back, you might as well stop fighting and make the best of it. The Hellions take care of me as long as I take care of their boys, and the arrangement works…
…until he finds me.
Nathan “Boomer” Vaughn—Hellions MC’s newest member, former Army Special Forces, and overall badass—is brought to his knees when he finds out the secrets his favorite barfly has been keeping.

Purple Pussy Pamela should have brought her problems to the club first, but she didn’t. Now it’s up to Boomer to keep her and her secrets safe.
What happens when two people with a simple understanding complicate things? Can they find their way back to the simple ride?     Naughty Mom Review

HeatedRideHeated Ride (The Hellions Ride #7)
The Hellions motorcycle club is a commitment for life, one Ruben ‘Ruby’ Castillo believes in.
His wife Jenna ‘Vida’ Natera de Castillo has given her life to being his ol’ lady and the mother to their three children. She takes her commitment to her man seriously.
People change, and over time, passion can fizzle. Life for Jenna falls apart the day Ruby no longer says I do.
Keeping the fires burning in a marriage is hard. Will the chaos of the club bring them back together, or is it what pulls them further apart? Will these two find the flame again? Will their love find a new spark on their heated ride through life?     Naughty Mom Review

originals-rideOriginals Ride (The Hellions Ride #8)
Four men, four families, four originals, one club.
Go back to where it all began so long ago for Roundman, Danza, Frisco, and the late Rocky Fowler. A life choice, a road less traveled, all coming together in the name of brotherhood.
Some found love, some faced loss, and others learned real loyalty. This is the story before the chaos. This is how the originals ride.     Naughty Mom Review

*This is a full length novel. Each book in the Hellions Ride series can be read as a stand-alone story with NO cliffhanger endings. Contains adult language, situations, and violence not recommended for readers under the age of 18. This is not an exact depiction of life in a motorcycle club but rather a work of fiction meant to entertain.

FinalRideComing Soon
Final Ride (The Hellions Ride #9)

Everything I have never had is right in front of me. Family, it’s mine for the taking. For the first time in my life, I found stability in the Hellions MC. From the ground up, I’ve been loyal to my brothers.
Now the time has come when I may have to choose between the family I’ve never known or the club I’ve built and given my all to.
Richard ‘Frisco’ Billings is the California kid who rode into Haywood’s Landing when the Hellions were needing an extra man. As an original, he’s been with the club from day one. After growing up with no real place to call home, he’s found solid ground.
All of it crashed around him when secrets were revealed and he found out he missed all the formative years with his daughter being raised in an enemy’s club.
Amy Mitchell was lost her whole life until she was found by the Hellions MC in a bad situation with Felix Delatorre. She spent years with the club, rebuilding her life and finding a place where she could belong.
When a new young woman comes into the home she has with Frisco, will she still fit into his world? Will Frisco find a way to make everything work together? Will this be his final ride with the Hellions as life takes him down a different road?
Catch up with all your favorite couples as every secret finds its way out of the dark and new things are revealed, changing the club forever. This is the final ride for the Hellions MC as we know it.

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Review Spotlight: INNOCENT RIDE (Hellions Ride #5) by Chelsea Camaron

todays spotlight read
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This was an amazing romance sprinkled with a bit of suspense; which resulted in a great story.

From the start of this series, we see Rex as a ladies man that lives by his motto of ‘hit it, get it and go’. He’s lived his life on his terms, for his pleasure and for his club. Changes in his life have caused him to re-evaluate and contemplate. He’s pushed to remember the teachings from the grandfather he holds to dear. With this new outlook, he’s opened up to new possibilities in his life.

Caroline has always been his “deluxe model”. From the first moment he saw her in One Ride, it was quite clear that she was not from the club world. She exudes class and elegance. Rex has taken pleasure in making her squirm with his innuendos and come ons. But now that she’s in need of the club’s protection, he makes it his personal mission to keep her safe. He feels guilty for having failed Tessie and he won’t make that mistake again.

Caroline aka Lux is a driven woman, but what she portrays to others isn’t exactly as it seems. She’s determined to live by the saying, “fake till you make.” With a strong drive to have a successful career and make her way in the world, she’s resolved to take the good with the bad. Having Rex around only complicates her plans. He’s a distraction she can’t afford to have. His badass biker body is too tempting.

I just knew there was so much more to Rex than he showed. He’s had so much growth since meeting him in One Ride. He’s so swoon worthy. Caroline was his complete opposite but they had a chemistry I picked up from the get-go. The stories in this series just keep getting better and better.

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InnocentRideInnocent Ride by Chelsea Camaron
Hellions Ride MC #5
Genre: MC Romance
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She is a corporate accountant. Her life is full of structure, routine, and organization. Settled, comfortable, and content, Caroline Milton loves knowing what to expect every minute of every day. More importantly, she loves knowing her life is what she pictures it to be and not what she came from.

He is the Catawba Hellions VP and a wild one, refusing to be tamed. His motto—’hit it, get it, and go; no repeats’ where women are concerned—guarantees a new woman in his bed nightly. His life, though, suddenly tilts on its axis when his wild days come barreling back with a major responsibility. Suddenly, Drexel ‘Rex’ Crews finds he has a real reason to settle down.

When a situation quickly spins out of control at work for Caroline, she reaches out to the one group she least expected to find herself dependent upon—the Hellions Motorcycle Club. Asked as a personal favor from Doll to protect her best friend, Rex can’t refuse.
Protecting Caroline was supposed to be an innocent task. However, the attraction from their first meeting is a fire burning strong inside of them both. Neither can deny the pull, despite the fact that they come from different worlds.

Can Rex show Caroline the safety and security of the MC? Can Caroline tame the wild beast inside of Rex? Can their innocent ride become a journey to long lasting love?

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It’s hard to say goodbye – Review Spotlight of the Bayonet Scars series finale: CREASE by JC Emery [Limited Time series sale]

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I seriously have a love/hate relationship with a series finale. I love to see that all the characters I have come to love have found that Happily Ever After. And I hate to be faced with an emotional goodbye. It’s truly bittersweet. The Bayonet Scars was one of my very first MC series and I’m sad to see it end, but I’m so grateful to have met the strong and protective men of Forsaken MC as well as their bold, sassy and incredibly courageous women.

Crease starts off immediately where Haunt ended. The infamous Mancuso downfall. But important figures are injured and every one is shaken up and worried of potential loss. But we’ve seen everyone’s love story. These young men have found their soulmates during their rivalry with the Mancuso crime family and they’ve all used Jim and Ruby as examples. Their love was the ultimate relationship goal. They share such an incredible bond that was forged over years of growth and love and everyone else strives for that. So how fitting is it to end this series from a place where it all started? It’s simply poetic and was one of the most beautiful tales I’ve ever read.

The matriarch and patriarch I’ve come to love shared such a wonderful story. To see them so young as they come together as a blended family with two very different boys that were already a handful on their own, and together they were pure entertainment. Seeing Ryan and Ian as young boys was an absolute BONUS. Especially to see that their personalities hadn’t changed over their years and those boys got in to some seriously “sticky” situations. I had plenty of LOL moments.

In Crease, we see Ruby’s strength like never before. The single mother doing whatever it took to care for her troubled son. The patience and love she had for a boy so traumatized. The size of her heart as she began to care for a son that wasn’t hers by blood but became so through love. And lets not forget her courage to stand up to a big bad biker when no one else would. Gah, she literally became my idol.

And I won’t forget Jim. The man was the bees knees in his younger days. Once Ruby came into the picture, he was so swoon worthy. He was sweet and romantic without being mushy. He never once lost his edge or his biker badassness but showed his utter devotion to Ruby and the boy that he took on as his own, from nearly day one. We also see him turn into the father we already know they all love.

There is so much in this series, not just this story. I have laughed and cried with them all. From that first page of Ride to the last page of Cease they all burrowed their way into my heart and even though this series is over, they will always have a permanent place there. I would like to consider this more of a see you later instead of goodbye…because I can always open them up and start this series all over again.

ceaseasmallCease by JC Emery
Bayonet Scars #7
Genre: Romance, MC, Contemporary
Release Date: October 27, 2016
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Death silences. Love echoes.

Ruby Buckley is no stranger to loss. She lost her twins in their infancy, lost her son to his demons,a and lost herself to a life she never wanted.

Until him.

Jim Stone is lost. He’s a father who doesn’t know how to parent, a brother how doesn’t know why he ever patched in, and is completely numb to everything around him.

Until her.

Craving normalcy, Ruby wants to live straight, but that’ easier said than done with a member of the Forsaken Motorcycle Club is determined to make her his old lady. She’s plagued by a past she can’t escape. He vows to give her a better future, even if it means delivering on the impossible.

But falling in love was only the beginning.

Twenty years later and they’re still going strong, even if the world around them is crumbling. Jim’s put his club on the line and given Ruby the impossible—her now adult twins she thought she’d lost forever. She has everything she’s always wanted.

But at what cost?

Love is never more real than when it’s forever.

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divider line excerpt blue PROLOGUE

Time after time, I never cease to be amazed at how deeply I can be hurt.

Just a flesh wound, Mama.

Jim’s words echo in my mind over and over again. They’re all I hear as I watch my husband— the man who taught me that men can be good— being lifted into the back of the van by his brothers. Blood pools at the bottom of his vest and drips to the pavement.

My daughter— the precious baby I thought I’d lost forever— is being carried to the van by the boy who became my son at the age of eight. She’s lost so much blood. The dark red liquid completely covers her face, neck, and chest. My heart falls into my stomach as I catch sight of the blood smeared all over Ryan’s cut and his face.

My husband’s been gutted and my daughter’s been sliced open.

Both bleeding.

One dying.

Maybe two.

Hopefully none.

And all I can think about is my own selfish need to keep them with me. If I’m not a mother to my daughter or a wife to my husband, then I don’t know who I am. I’ll still have my sons— all three of them— but it’s not the same. My boys don’t need me the way my man and my girl do. I won’t get to hang on to Michael for much longer. He’s a Mancuso and he’ll be staying in New York to take over the family— and it doesn’t matter how I feel about that. Ian, my eldest, has his wife Mindy. He thinks he still needs me, but he doesn’t. Ryan, the boy I have to remind myself isn’t really mine, has Alex. My daughter.

If we lose her, there’s nothing anyone can do to make it better. Ryan will never recover and neither will I. He’ll shut down, just like Rage did when we lost Sylvia, and even I won’t be able to reach him then.

If we lose Jim, we lose our rock. I lose the only person I ever trusted enough to give my whole heart to besides my children.

I won’t survive it.
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FOR A LIMITED TIME – Get the complete series for just 99c each

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#Review Spotlight: This new MC romance from Kim Jones is super HOT and available now!! – PATCHWHORE (Devil’s Renegade MC #2)


naughty mom review✯✯✯✯✯

I’m in LOVE!! Gah, I haven’t fallen so fast or so hard for a BBF in so long. But Cook is to die for! Seriously, he’s frickin HOT and sweet and sexy and dominating and tender. He’s EVERYTHING! Carmen was one lucky girl and I’d given anything to be able to jump into the pages of this book and be her.

I have yet to read anything from Kim Jones that was less than 5 stars. Her writing is so amazing. Her style and talent with words makes it so easy for me to immerse myself into the story and become the character. To feel pain, jealousy, passion and love. As soon as I started, I couldn’t stop. The premise of the story alone had me intrigued with what I was going to get from it and she delivered.patchwhoreteaser3

Carmen was a very relateable heroine. She’s young and beautiful and independent. Set on making her own way in life, she works hard in school and even harder to live on her own. But when she walks into a bar to seek revenge against the douche nozzle that broke her heart, she gets more than she bargained for.

Cook is HOT. That’s him in one word. From the moment he appeared in this story, I was hooked and have essentially claimed him as my new book boyfriend. I’ve thrown down the gauntlet to let others know that this man is MINE. Geesh, I get hot just thinking about him. He’s dominant with a very powerful presence, yet he’s tender and caring in equal measure. He has a love for the club and is willing to help Carmen seek her revenge but once they’ve had a taste of each other, it’s like an obsession for the chemistry they share.

This book had me swooning, panting and laughing. It was the perfect combination for a great story and definitely one I won’t forget.

patchwhore-teaser-4IT’S TIME TO MEET COOK!!

Amazon US • Amazon UK

patchwhore-3d-bookPatchwhore by Kim Jones
Devil’s Renegades MC #2
Genre: MC, Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 9, 2016
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Clubwhore (Devil’s Renegade MC #1)


The girl who thought she was living her happily ever after.
The one who fell for the lies.
A victim of infidelity.

After months of heartache and loss, anger ensued.
Rage replaced sadness. Fury took over heartache. Revenge became irresistible.
Now he’ll feel what I felt. One by one, his brothers will take his place in my bed.
They have a name for me in the MC world…


And this is my story.

If making her ex jealous is what she wants, Devil’s Renegades Prospect Cook is more than willing to oblige. He only has one rule: He doesn’t share.
She can seek her revenge. Follow through with her plan. But her body will be his. He’ll own her fantasies. And her pleasure. But in her eyes, he’s just a lowly PROSPECT—nothing more.
Little does she know, she’s about to be enlightened.

Note: This is a full-length standalone Devil’s Renegade Motorcycle Club novel. Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.



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Meet more of Kim Jones’s MC characters:
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Spotlight: #Review of HOPELESSLY SHATTERED (Sacred Sinners MC- Texas Chapter) #1 by Bink Cummings

todays spotlight read
naughty mom review ✯✯✯✯✯

Sweet, emotional and a little heartbreaking–GIVE ME MORE!

This was a beautiful story. It’s not your typical MC read, but that’s what I loved about it. It was a breath of fresh air to read a story that wasn’t filled with MC drama and suspense. Don’t get me wrong, I love the standard MC formula we get from so many authors, but sometimes you want something a bit different (or at least I do) and that’s what Bink Cummings provided. Though some of the characters were connected with an MC, it’s not about them. It’s about Kat. Her story was to find closure. She wanted answers and on a tip, she’s there to find them. Of course, she ends up getting more answers than expected, but this was her story of strength and moving on and every word on every page delivered that.

Katrina was a short, sweet librarian looking, single and expectant mother who’s had her heartbroken, but she’s made the best of her life. She lives for her children and doesn’t spend her days with a “woe is me” attitude. When her world gets flipped, she doesn’t freak or cause drama. She handles it quite admirably. I know I wouldn’t have been as composed as she was. She showed up to get answers and that’s what she got. She was feisty, a bit awkward in some ways and real.

This story was sweet and emotional and a bit heartbreaking. I couldn’t decide if I hated a certain someone or if I loved him. Kat held much more forgiveness in her heart than I could and that’s what was so tender and sweet about it…and I want more. I can’t wait for the second part to this duet. I need to know how it truly ends for these characters, because if anyone deserves a happy ending, it’s Kat.


hopelessly-shattered-cover-1234Hopelessly Shattered (Sacred Sinners MC- Texas Chapter) #1 by Bink Cummings
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: September 27, 2016
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Single Mother- ✔
Dead Father- ✔
Motherless Childhood- ✔
Librarian- ✔
Black Rimmed Glasses to Fit the Job Description- ✔
The Biggest A-hole in the World for an Ex- ✔✔

When you’re born you never know what life will throw at you. You just make the best of it no matter what happens. That’s pretty much been my go-to since infancy. Then the charming, bald headed, blue eyed, Brent came along and I thought all the suck in life had been flushed down the drain. Ha! That’s when my true journey began—motherhood.
This is my story, on how I took life by the go-nads when I decided I needed closure from my past—my father’s sudden death in particular. But what happens next wasn’t anything I expected… It’s hopeless… shattering….exciting … scary…joyful…priceless… and I owe it all to one man… Bear, a chapter president of the Sacred Sinners Motorcycle Club.

Warning: Contains adult sexual content, the excessive use of the F-word, cheating, and whatever else that makes it unsuitable for anyone under the age of 18.
1st Novel in a Duology – that could also be read as a possible standalone.

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Hopeful Whispers – coming soon!
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Today’s Spotlight: My #review of a series that has given me the strongest #bookhangover EVER‼

todays spotlight read

divider line Naughty Mom Review ★★★★★

          I have this overwhelming need to share the following two books with you. My reading obsession began in the fall of 2013. Since then I have devoured as many stories as I could in search of adventure, romance, fantasy and soulful love as an escape from my day-to-day routine of work and home.
          I’ve come across some stories that disappointed and I’ve come across some that provided that needed respite from life. However, in my quest to devour romances with rock stars, CEO executives, sports stars, bikers and the occasional vampire; I found two stories that, essentially devoured me.
          I had only previously read one other book from this author prior to these and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was unlike anything I had ever read and told from a perspective I had been hoping someone would tell. So when I nabbed her newest series, I couldn’t wait to read them and once I got started… I. COULD. NOT. STOP.
          Then I was so emotionally distraught after reading the first book; I literally had to step away from reading for 24 hrs. The story affected me in ways I didn’t foresee and resisting the urge to huddle on the floor in the fetal position proved difficult. After the short reprieve, I started on the second book. I was ready to find out what was going to happen. If revenge would be as sweet as I’d hoped. And it was. So sweet.
          It was like I was granted new life. I fell in love with new characters that were so different from the first two and made me feel a new onslaught of emotions. I laughed and hurt and I loved every word of it.
          If you’re looking for a story that will speak to you on a level like no other, this is what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a cookie cutter story with the same style and formula that end with the typical HEA like so many books out there, then this isn’t what you’re looking for and you’d be missing out. It’s not all rainbows and flowers and unicorns. It is emotion and hurt, sadness, love and it was so REAL. It was more real than any story I have ever read.
          Last but not least, the writing was absolutely BRILLIANT. The author wrote both in such an artful way. I was able to feel emotionally invested in every character without the usual need for excessive description. Her words were so simple yet complex. She managed to convey so much in such a simplistic way .  There was no need to describe a character’s pain by telling me their heart was ‘bursting like a bolt of lightning crashing from the heavens’ . When they were sad, I FELT sad. When they felt loved, I FELT loved. When they were lost and empty, I too, FELT lost and empty and it was without the frilly word counts to make it more dramatic than it needed to be.
          In all honesty, I don’t know how any of the above could convey enough to you how much these stories spoke to me. They may not be for everyone, and of course they may not speak to you like they spoke to me… but I wouldn’t be doing my part as a reader if I didn’t tell you how they affected me. I truly hope you give these books a shot. If you take up any of my suggestions in a spotlight post, I’d hope that these are the ones you would really consider.
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sinner's creed coverBuy Today!
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First in a new series—welcome to the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club, where hard bodies and hot leather are made for each other, and love gone wrong is the most irresistible of all…

“I was the demon-possessed monster and she was the innocent, naïve angel. But none of that matters. She asks, I give and right now, I’ll kill anyone who tries to stop me from giving this woman what she wants—me.”

Dirk lives in the shadows—performing hits, maintaining order, and upholding the no-holds-barred legacy of the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club. A nomad with a restless spirit and a cold heart, the open road is his world. One of the few constants in his life: his desire for the one woman who has consumed his thoughts for years.

Saylor Samson grew up far from the harshness of Dirk’s world. But ever since she was seventeen she’s been drawn to this dark and mysterious man who always seemed to show up just when she needed him.

After years of fated encounters, he’s back. This time he’s taking her. This time she’s ready for the ride. But just when the darkness in Dirk’s life begins to fade, Saylor reveals a secret that puts them both to the ultimate test. Now, Dirk has to make a decision: submit to his destiny with the MC, or choose his own.

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The sizzling second book featuring the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club, bikers bent on riding chrome and meting out mayhem…

Shady has spent the last eight years of his life dedicated to the Sinner’s Creed Motorcycle Club. But after losing the man who was both his brother and his best friend, he has a new purpose—to avenge the death of the greatest nomad in Sinner’s Creed history.

His plan is flawless. His mission is simple: seek and destroy. There is no room for distractions—especially a distraction like Diem.

She’s infuriating. Demanding. Complicated. Impossible. And for some reason, Shady can’t stay away. But he only has space in his heart for one love: Sinner’s Creed. And the club always comes first. Always.

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Today’s Spotlight: REAPER’S FIRE by Joanna Wylde – Check out this #excerpt & #giveaway

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The smallest spark can start an inferno!
Gage and Tinker’s story is FINALLY here!
Reaper’s Fire NOW AVAILABLE!


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reaper's fireyellow excerpt
          “I can’t believe how late it is,” Tinker said, yawning, and I realized the movie had ended. Now she stretched upward, the blanket falling to her waist as her boobs pushed forward.
          God, how much should a man be expected to take?
          I should’ve stayed away from her completely—that’d been the plan—but something had snapped when I’d seen her out in the courtyard. Couldn’t remember the last time I’d met a woman like Tinker. She was smart and sexy and funny, and she worked damned hard to take care of her family and business. Sure, I wanted to fuck her—you’d have to be gay not to—but I respected her, too.
          “I should probably get going,” she said, offering me a smile so sweet I wanted to bite her lips. “I like to check on Dad before going to sleep, and I’ve got to be up early in the morning. I’ve got to package orders for the courier tomorrow—if they aren’t ready by two p.m., I’m screwed.”
          I considered rolling over on top of her. Pushing her down into the couch cushions, shoving my leg between hers, and showing her what a real man feels like.
          “Cooper?” she asked, looking confused. I blinked a couple times, forcing myself to focus on her face.
          “I’m going to watch another one,” I told her, because I’m a goddamn masochist. “You sure you’re ready to head out?”
          She frowned, and I could almost read her thoughts. Yes, she should leave. But she wanted me as much as I wanted her. And yeah, I realize that makes me sound like an egotistical ass, but this wasn’t my first rodeo. I saw the lust in her eyes, and the way she licked her lips and stared at my mouth. This wasn’t a one-way street, not even close.
          “I guess I could stay a little longer,” she whispered. Christ, she was so sweet and soft. I wanted to bite her even more now. Suck that pouty lower lip into my mouth and shove a finger up her ass.
          Break her.
          You’re one sick fuck.
          Why yes. Yes, I am. Thanks for noticing.
          I managed to control the urge, catching her hand instead, giving it a friendly squeeze like some kind of pathetic tool. Her fingers tightened on mine, then she pulled away and snuggled back down under the blanket, raising her feet to rest on the coffee table. I grabbed the remote and clicked through the menu.
          Tomorrow I’d do my job. I’d fuck Talia and spy on Marsh and look for any kind of weakness that might end this situation, the faster the better. Tonight, though . . . Tonight I’d pretend this wasn’t a waste of time.
          Goddamn, but my dick hurt.
The next hour was torture.
          Tinker sat next to me, all cute and classy and absolutely refusing to make any kind of eye contact. I don’t know how she felt, but to me the sexual tension hanging in the air was thick and heavy. I kept thinking about her hand in mine—small, but strong. The hand of someone who knew how to work hard. So far as I knew, Talia had never held down a job, let alone supported herself.
          The couch shifted, and I glanced over to find Tinker sliding deeper into the cushions, drawing the blanket up to her chin. Our legs were maybe six inches apart. She shifted again, and then her hand bumped mine under the blanket. She jerked it back quickly, and I caught the hint of a flush on her cheeks. That was another thing I liked about her—her skin was so pale that I could see every hint of arousal.
          Grabbing her hand, I pulled it over to rest on my thigh. This was a really bad idea, so I pointedly refused to think it through. Her hand tensed at first, then relaxed into my strength. My cock swelled against the fabric of my jeans, just inches from her fingers—it’d be so easy to push her hand toward it, wrap it around my painfully swollen dick, and just go to town.
          Tinker’s fingers gave a quick squeeze—almost more of a spasm—and I bit back a groan.
          Yeah, okay. Really, really bad idea. I should get off the couch and shut this shit down right now, because I couldn’t afford to blow things with Talia just yet. Instead I found myself leaning toward Tinker, bumping shoulders.
          I’d grown a pussy. No other explanation, because I couldn’t figure out why the hell else an adult man would sit holding hands under a damned blanket like a kid.


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Signed copy of Reaper’s Fire

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New Releases: Joanna Wylde’s REAPER’S FIRE is ablaze 🔥 and Lisa Renee Jones’ HARD RULES is out now😲

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New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the “wild and raw”* world of the Reapers MC with the story of Gage and Tinker


reaper's fireReaper’s Fire by Joanna Wylde
Reapers Property Motorcycle Club #6
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: August 9, 2016
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Meet the sexy men of
Reapers Property MC


The club comes first.

I’ve lived by those words my whole life—assumed I’d die by them, too, and I never had a problem with that. My Reaper brothers took my back and I took theirs and it was enough. Then I met her. Tinker Garrett. She’s beautiful, she’s loyal, and she works so damned hard it scares me sometimes . . . She deserves a good man—one better than me. I can’t take her yet because the club still needs me. There’s another woman, another job, another fight just ahead.

Now she’ll learn I’ve been lying to her all along. None of it’s real. Not my name, not my job, not even the clothes I wear. She thinks I’m nice. She pretends we’re just friends, that I’ve still got a soul . . . Mine’s been dead for years. Now I’m on fire for this woman, and a man can only burn for so long before he destroys everything around him.

I’m coming for you, Tinker.


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The book Publishers Weekly calls “fascinating” and reviewers are raving about, with over 120 5-star and 90 4-star reviews on Goodreads! An iBOOKS book of the month! New Release SALE of $4.99 – price goes back to $7.99 this week!

Hard Rules CoverHard Rules by Lisa Renee Jones
Dirty Money #1
Genre: Mystery, Suspense
Release Date: August 9, 2016
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Available for Preorder now:
Damage Control (Dirty Money #2)

Wall Street meets the Sons of Anarchy in Hard Rules, the smoldering, scorching first novel in the explosively sexy new Dirty Money series from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones.

How bad do you want it?

The only man within the Brandon empire with a moral compass, Shane Brandon is ready to take his family’s business dealings legitimate. His reckless and ruthless brother, Derek wants to keep Brandon Enterprises cemented in lies, deceit, and corruption. But the harder Shane fights to pull the company back into the light, the darker he has to become. Then he meets Emily Stevens, a woman who not only stirs a voracious sexual need in him, but becomes the only thing anchoring him between good and evil.

Emily is consumed by Shane, pushed sexually in ways she never dreamed of, falling deeper into the all-encompassing passion that is this man. She trusts him. He trusts her, but therein lies the danger. Emily has a secret, the very thing that brought her to him in the first place, and that secret that could that destroy them both.

WARNING: This book contains a gruff and dirty talking alpha male in a suit, and a strong-willed woman that threatens to bring him to his knees. Corruption. Family. Betrayal. Are you ready to meet the Brandon family?

This is book ONE of FOUR that will center around Shane and Emily in the DIRTY MONEY series so be on the lookout for the next book DAMAGE CONTROL coming Feb. 21, 2017.

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Today’s Spotlight-#Review & $25 GC #Giveaway: This is the Route of Twisted Pain by MariaLisa deMora – Are you ready to get Twisted?

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WOW! This is the Route of Twisted Pain has introduced new characters that I absolutely love. Incoherent MC has now been added to my FAVORITES bikers list. I didn’t think I could love any bikers as much as I do my Rebels, but these guys are up there.

George Bell aka Twisted was such an great character. His life wasn’t easy, but every hardship was a learning curve. He made the most of his youth until he was brought into the life of the Incoherent MC. That’s when he learned about family and brotherhood. He was made for that life and was such an honorable guy. He did what needed to be done for his club, no matter what. He was intelligent, even at a young age. Knew how to think things through. I totally admired this guy.

Penny Dane was raised in the club life. She knew the rules and respected them. Raised under then “Princess” title, she was everyone’s little girl and treasured by her uncle’s club. But being Princess doesn’t mean she’s too delicate to handle what’s needed. She proves that she’s willing to do whatever it takes, no matter the sacrifice. She’s a flower with thorns, for sure.

When fate stepped in and brought these two together, it was amazing. Their first scene was hot, sexy, sensual, intimidate…did I say hot?? Warning: don’t read this at work, like I did. I got all hot and bothered and couldn’t do anything about it. I just couldn’t stop reading.

I don’t know how MariaLisa deMora does it, but she manages to tell an entire life story before getting to a quarter of the book. It’s an absolute gift. By then, you know and love the character before the good stuff even hits the pages. I’m invested early on and feel like I’ve lived their lives right along side them without feeling like the story has been dragged out. She knows have to deliver the important stuff and get you to the meat of the story.

I loved this book and the characters so much. I can’t wait for more of the Incoherent MC. I’m hoping Po’Boy is next.
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30171930This is the Route of Twisted Pain by MariaLisa deMora
Neither This, Nor That #1
Genre: MC Romance
Release date: July 25, 2016
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Legends are born from moments like these. Folktales spun around a single point in time so perfect, you can almost hear the click resonating through the universe as things align.

George Bell, aka Twisted, knows the odds are against him. Have been all his life. Born in a Louisiana bordello, raised around the rough and rowdy men of a motorcycle club, he’s never been the lucky type. But he believes luck can change, so when fate gives him a glimpse of breathtaking beauty, he’s more than willing to roll the dice. Chancing upon what could be the woman of his dreams, he’s prepared to push this streak as far as he can.

Penny Dane’s background gives her an edge in the life she’s chosen to lead. Raised in a can-do family, she’s resilient, rolling with life’s punches and landing on her feet. But, when the past holds painful secrets—when a single misstep can turn deadly—can she trust the passion this man stirs in her?

On the surface, Bell and Penny don’t work. Their mismatched worlds are too different. But like a backwater bayou, what you see is not the whole story, there are mysteries buried underneath. Penny is the red-haired beauty caught up in a web of lies. Bell is like no one she’s ever met before. The problem is, he knows it.


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New Releases: Excerpts from two amazing series box sets and a hilarious romantic comedy!

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Now you can get the complete On The Ropes Series for only $3.99 for a very limited time! Price will go up to $6.99 in a few days!
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on the ropes series The complete series. Three full-length novels.
For the Page brothers, fighting was a way of life. Both inside and outside of the ring.  Follow them through hardship, disability, and overwhelming adversity as they fight for the women they love.

Continue reading New Releases: Excerpts from two amazing series box sets and a hilarious romantic comedy!