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Don’t miss this emotional new release from L.A. Casey and the new look for Reaper’s Property. $20 GC Giveaway included

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Like nothing you have ever read from L.A. Casey before, a story of loss, love, and finding yourself
in the darkest of times.

Until Harry Penelope Douglas

Until HarryUntil Harry by L.A. Casey
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
Release Date: July 19, 2016
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He was my best friend, my best not-really- big-brother and my best protector. He was my best everything.
He was mine.

Coming home is hard for Lane. Hard because Harry, her beloved uncle, has died suddenly, but also because of him. Kale.

Kale Hunt has been her best friend since childhood. But it was never that simple. He was Lane’s reason for leaving home and moving to New York. Seeing him with someone else, in love with someone else, shouldn’t have hurt. But it did. It really, really did. So she upped sticks and left, started a new life and cut herself off from her past.

But now she’s back and all the feelings are right there. As if she had never left.

Emotions are running high for everyone, and tragedy has a funny way of bringing people together. But is Lane reading the signs right? Are they still just friends, or is there something more?


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Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde
has a NEW COVER!

Continue reading Don’t miss this emotional new release from L.A. Casey and the new look for Reaper’s Property. $20 GC Giveaway included

Double Cover Reveal: Finding Salvation and Finding Redemption by Elizabeth Hayes and Ashlee Taylor


Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Cover By: Whispering Words Graphics

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Becoming best friends was easy.
Becoming Sisters was a blessing.

Two girls, with similar pasts, find solace together when all they had was each other.

Madison and Charlotte were taken in by a good family, given the life they’d always dreamed, along with an overprotective big brother. As they got older Madison began to follow the path her mother lived. While Charlotte, was afraid she’d lose everyone she’d come to love.

When the wall of betrayal and lies they’ve built to protect themselves start to crumble, how well will their fragile bonds hold when their secrets come out?

Choices are made.
Different roads taken.
A family torn apart.

Will Madison ever change?

Will Charlotte find what she’s been looking for?

Are their lies too tangled to unravel or will they find salvation before it’s too late?




Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release: December 15th 2014

Cover Designer: Whispering Words Graphics



Avery & Abel Monroe, their names were synonymous with one thing. Manwhores.

Abel Monroe saw his brother was the man he’d always wanted to be, a loving Husband and Father. Abel became envious of him and hoped that one day he’d get a chance to be as happy as his brother.

Nova Anderson knew the Monroe brothers as their families were close. When she took the job at Easy Jays, she never anticipated anything happening between them.

One night, Nova let her overactive libido get the better of her and she found herself in the bed of the one man she swore she’d never enter.

When Abel’s past comes back to haunt him, will Nova stand by him when she thinks her chance at happiness would be marred by one reckless night Abel had? Will the reason why Nova ran from her comfortable life in Las Vegas make an appearance and finally end the happy life she was starting to have?

Will things stay the way they have been for so long, or will Abel finally find the redemption he’d been seeking since the moment he began to change his ways?





So you want to know a little about me and get a sense of who I am. Well the first thing I can say is that I absolutely hate talking about myself. So bare with me as I let you in on who I am.

My name is Elizabeth Hayes and I am from the Midwest. I have a few things I just happen to obsess over those include Hot pink and Zebra print, Unicorns, and cupcakes, and Books, I love to read and get lost in a book. I have thought about writing for a long time now and finally started to put words down. Ashlee and I are both new at this and our first book Finding Salvation is going to be thrown out there for you all to read. I must say I am having a hard time with this. I am the type of person that likes to know the outcome before I do anything. I want to know that this is going loved by most of you. The thing is I know that this book is going to be hopefully liked by some, hopefully loved by some, hated by some and just ok to some and I think I am finally ok with that. I am stepping out of my comfort zone. I hear that is a good thing. But with everything time will tell. So there you go! If you want to know more just ask.


Born to an Italian Mother and Filipino father, she grew up with a book in hand. Ashlee found her writing bug early on as a young child. Writing short stories and vignettes for fun.

As she got older she found herself immersed in a passion for reading again. It was the book Fifty Shades of Grey that brought a renowned love for the written word. Swallowing every book she could get her hands on while befriending Authors and eventually becoming a beta reader and helping Authors work out critical scenes and help with plot progression.

What stemmed from two women with and idea, gave way to the story Finding Salvation.

Being friends with Elizabeth Hayes is unlike any other friendship she’s had. They laugh at the same things, their ideas mirror one another at the same time their brains seem to work hand in hand.

Elizabeth once told Ashlee that we needed a great story, unlike anything that’s been written, something that follows real life than fantasy.

In truth, Finding Salvation isn’t the lives that Elizabeth & Ashlee have lived. But they are bits and pieces of lives, others have had. And they’re not afraid to show how the other half lives.

Ashlee’s a mother of three, works very hard to keep them happy even though it doesn’t take much.

And one day hopes to tell the world the story about Nine times in one night. ❤


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