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Giveaway+Release Tour: KEEPING THYME by T.J. Hamilton

Keeping Thyme Banner

Keeping Thyme (Thyme Trilogy #3)

by T.J. Hamilton

Keeping Thyme Cover


Miranda is back … and she’s back with a vengeance. Her sight is set and her target is Tench. Too many people in her life have fallen at the hands of the man who has a strange obsession for with her. Could Miranda be his next victim?She knows how her friend Sally died, but she still doesn’t know why. Could this information be the key to unlock everything the Agency needs to put Tench away forever? Or is an unlikely ally and a piece of her past the answer to it all?

Her heart may be torn with grief, but her head is filled with a burning reprisal. Could Tench’s unhealthy desire for Miranda be her best weapon against him … or will she push him too far?

Author Bio
TJ Hamilton Profile pic

TJ Hamilton is a former New South Wales Police Officer who worked in various areas of policing around inner city Sydney. She also holds a degree in Criminology through Griffith University. Her love of crime and mystery started at an early age after she read her first Agatha Christie novel at the age of nine. Her fascination with the darker side of life came from living with a high-class escort when she first moved to Sydney in her early twenties. She developed a close understanding of these ‘ladies of the night’ over the years and loved the stories they told, most of whom she has still remained friends with to this day. TJ writes about her first love, the city of Sydney, and the wonderful places around this fabulous location. Her attachment to fashion is also present within her stories, thanks to her handsome Husband and his successful international modelling career. Writing came after leaving the Police Force when she was pregnant with her daughter, she sat down one day and started typing and has not stopped since. Nowadays TJ lives a quiet life in the tropics as a devoted mother and wife who loves her kitty-cats, far from the gun-slinging and criminal-catching days of the past. The action packed life she may have once had is now relived through her sexy fictional stories of mystery and intrigue.

Website: http://www.tjhamiltonauthor.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tjhamiltonauthor

Twitter: T_J_Hamilton

Blog: http://tj-hamilton.tumblr.com/

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Keeping Thyme Cover

Keeping Thyme (Thyme Trilogy #3)

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Buying Thyme (Thyme Trilogy #1)

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making thyme

Making Thyme (Thyme Trilogy #2)

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You Can Call Me Miranda (Thyme Trilogy #Prequel)

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Blog Tour: DESIRED AFFLICTION 2 by C.A. Harms

Cherry Blossom Series, #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing




Lexi and Kole’s story continues…
Lexi Suffered a traumatic experience at the end of her senior year of high school. After she spiral’s out of control and becomes someone she never thought she would she makes a choice. She was starting over she would no longer be the girl she had become. Sometimes saying that is easier than actually following through.
Kole the guy she loved even when she was twelve once again appears in her life and he refuses to walk away.
They struggle and fall. They love and they hate…but their story continues.
They grow and learn to handle life together. The roller coaster continues as they must face past demons and long lost loves.
Continue their story and find out just why Kole feared relationships.
Find the truths behind a lot of the turmoil they have both suffered.


This book contains sexual content and is meant for mature audiences.







After rummaging around in the refrigerator, I threw something quick together. I grinned seeing the pile of Toaster Strudels in the freezer. Lexi could live on those damn things. That was one thing she stayed stocked up on. A thought crossed my mind as I plucked one from the box and placed in into the toaster. I stood eating my sandwich while I waited for hers to finish cooking.
Once it was ready I squeezed the icing on the top and made my way down the hall toward the bedroom. I slowly crawled onto the bed and pulled the sheet down carefully. Lexi had the sexiest body and I was seriously addicted to her.
Once she was exposed I dipped my finger into the icing and place a small amount onto her hardened nipple. She moaned softly and I did the same to the next. I dipped it once more making a trail down her stomach stopping just above her clit. I placed the plate onto the night stand next to the bed.
Lowering my lips to her nipple I traced a circle around it before sucking softly. I let it make a popping noise as I released it from my lips moving to the next one. I watched her eyes and saw her bite her lower lip between her teeth.
After licking all the icing from her nipples I began moving lower. I ran my tongue down the path of icing until I found her swollen clit. I flipped my piercing over her a few times before sucking softly pulling her clit into my mouth.
I was so fucking hard, but I wanted to make her come first. I ran my finger through her wetness, slowly inserting my finger inside of her. She moaned and grabbed my hair. I loved when she did that. She pulled me close and rode the waves as she began to pump her hips.
“Does that feel good? Do you like the way my tongue feels fucking you?” I dipped my tongue inside of her and stroked her with it. She screamed out my name and told me not to stop. So I kept my tongue inside of her getting as much as I could.
“You taste so sweet. So good. I love tasting you.”
I felt her tense and buck her hips as I continued curling my tongue inside of her and rubbing her clit. I could feel her tense and squeeze my tongue as she came hard.
“Oh my god…yes.”
I let her ride it out before I brought my body over hers. I was so hard it hurt. I waited as I stroked myself.
“What are you waiting for, you big lug? I’m an opened invitation. Get inside.”
I laughed lightly before I sank into her. We had been going at it for over six hours and she was exhausted, I could tell. I also knew that she never turned down sex with me, so a little humor made it fun. I began rocking into her as I kissed her hard. I let her tongue roam my mouth. I was seconds away from blowing and I was trying to hold back. The moment she started talking I felt myself slipping fast.
“You feel so good. I love having you inside of me.”
I groaned and bit her shoulder. “Fuck, I’m gonna come.”
She whispered against my ear and I was done. “Come with me, Kole. Come inside of me.” I felt her squeeze me and I let out a loud groan as I emptied myself and shook with pleasure.
I collapsed on top of her and she held me close.
After a second I heard her giggle. “What’s wrong?
“Did I break you?”
I laughed and nodded my head into her shoulder. I think we had set a new record for marathon sex. I slowly withdrew and rolled to her side.
After a few deep breaths I was able to speak.
“I brought you a Strudel thing. It’s on the night stand.”
I felt her move around to grab it. I held back the laugh rising in my chest as I watched her raise the plate up. She was using the glow coming in from the street light outside to look at the plate. After a second she spoke, “Kole, did you lick off the frosting first?”
Still trying to hold back the laughter I answered her.
“Nope . I used my finger first, but I did lick it off of you.”
I hid my face in the pillow as she silently figured out what I meant.
“Kole…I’m all sticky. Go get me a wash cloth.”
I walked into the bathroom laughing. When I came back to the bed she was eating. She smiled as I began wiping her nipples slowly. I swallowed hard when I felt my cock twitch. “Lexi, I’m getting hard again.” I could just imagine her rolling her eyes at me.
“Give me the damn rag, you horn-dog.”
I laughed as I watched her clean herself up and finish her snack. When she was finished she took a drink of water and curled into my side. We were silent for a few minutes before she threw the curve ball I wasn’t expecting.
Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
I Do (Wanna Love You) By Hedley
The Way You Love Me by Faith Hill
Kiss You Inside Out by Hedley
Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow
I won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz
Broken by Seether
Shelter By Hedley
Sad by Maroon 5
Harder To Breathe by Maroon Five
Love You Madly by Cake
Tangled up in You by Staind
Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts
t’s Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Gotta Get Through This by Daniel Bedingfield
Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale
You The Legend of Chin Album by Switchfoot
Crazy Ride by Michelle Branch
Cherry Blossom Series, #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing




One night and a huge mistake…how can that change the life of one girl forever?
Lexi made a wrong choice to trust the wrong person. She falls into darkness and begins spiraling out of control. She is terrified of closeness and continues to end up in the arms of the wrong men repeatedly. Kole reappears in her life and something about him makes her run. Will he be the man to make her realize that she isn’t the person she has become or will he be the one that erases what little she has left of herself.
The book contains adult content and sexual scenes and is meant for mature readers.






About the author:
C.A. Harms
C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn’t always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.
She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.
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Blitz Tour: LEARNING TO FORGIVE by R.D. Cole


 Author: R.D. Cole

 Series: The Learning Series, Book 3

 Genre: Contemporary Romance



This isn’t your Typical Everyday fairytale.
This story isn’t sweet or sugary.
It’s Raw and Dark
It’s Rough and Dangerous
And It’s Definitely not for kids under 17 years of age.
So turn back now if you’re not ready for Lyric and Blaire’s story. Because shit just got Real.
“I’ve learned a lot this past year, but there are two things I’ll never forget: one, People aren’t what they seem, and two, I fucking hate liars.” –Blaire
Blaire Morgan was a quiet, grief stricken girl when she left Mobile, Alabama, a year ago after her brother’s unexpected death. She returns a year later with fresh wounds from another betrayal, and she’s not the same person. A woman letting her tortured past rule her life, her “take no shit” attitude is catching the attention of everyone that crosses her path, including the bad boy front man of Lyrical Obsessions—the new band that plays at Jay Jay’s. When she learns he has something she wants, she plans on doing whatever it takes to get it.
What is a demon? An evil spirit possessing a person, acting as a tormentor in Hell?
Lyric “The Demon” Devereux is that tormentor and Hell is any place he sees fit, either in the fighting ring or on the streets. He killed his first person at seventeen years old, and that list has grown over the years—as well as his list of enemies—but his biggest enemy is himself and he doesn’t know how to win that battle.
When Blaire comes into town like wildfire and turns heads, Lyric’s temper emerges—uninvited and unexpected. His plan to stay at a distance for her safety, and his sanity, changes when she continuously shows up with her defiance and seductive pull. He now has no choice but to face his past that could possibly destroy the both of them.
Tempers will detonate.
Lust will consume.
Truth will destroy.
But will love forgive?





R.D. Cole 
R.D. Cole is a lively person with a determination to make it in life. Once her mind gets set on an idea she pursues it with passion. As long as she has God and her family she feels she can conquer every day. Besides reading and writing she loves to sing, dance, and go mudding on her Souped-up Can Am. Her hubby is 9 years younger but he seems more mature than her at times and they level one another out. She has a beautiful daughter named Bethani who is a miracle and a fighter. She’s the only known living survivor of Matthew Woods Syndrome and when no one thought she’d live R.D. said “yes she will.” R.D. takes nothing for granted when it comes to life. “Everything can be ripped from your fingers before they can grasp it. So if you want something in life, do it. Go for it.”
That same mindset has helped R.D. write small pieces of her life mixed in to fictional settings and characters that will capture your heart.
“Read on. Dream on. Write on.” -R.D. Cole
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Book Review+Blog Tour+GIVEAWAY: THERAPIST by Jaden Wilkes


Title: Therapist
Author: Jaden Wilkes
Release Date:  May 19, 2014


I am a sociopath. I know this because I diagnosed myself.I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from a very prestigious university.

I am charming, attractive, and you probably want to sleep with me.

I take what I want, when I want, and I enjoy picking the most tragic of all my patients to experiment with.

I have no remorse, I am unrelenting in my pursuit of tragedy, and I am about to meet my match.

Her name is not important, I am only allowed to call her Mistress. She is a femme fatale, a patient, and now an obsession.

She will destroy me, I will do anything to get inside of her.

I can already feel her inside of me.

**Trigger warning. This novel contains situations of perversity and dubious consent. It is not a love story, but more of a journey through a few short days in the life of a madman. What you see is not always what you get, reality is altered through his eyes and sometimes there is no happily ever after.

My Review:
          Oh, Dr. Dane…Dr. Dane!  You are one twisted man and I would love to book an appointment for an hour on your couch.  What’s “normal” anyway?  We all have our hang ups, right?  I would like to volunteer for your experimental treatment.  I’m sure I can come up with a trauma that warrants your special attention to cure me. 🙂
          Jaden has an amazing talent of bringing us a dark and twisted character and presenting them in a way that we would love to enjoy some private time with them.  Dr. Dane is no exception.  Every one has their hangups, demons, issues and what have you, it’s what you do to manage it.  Dr. Dane is a therapist and he’s well aware of his issues.  He’s managed a way to help “cure” his patients by using them for his own depravity.  When Mistress comes into the picture, Dr. Dane finds a whole new obsession and what comes after will blow you’re mind. 
          Therapist gives us gritty, raw, dirty and rough.  I appreciated Alexander Dane’s inner monologue.  I had quite a few laugh out loud moments.  Other’s may consider him as a sick/perverse individual but I saw him as a humorous man with a unique sexual appetite.  Reading about his treatment sessions resulted in a few occasional breaks of some alone time with my own personal bedside arsenal .  
          I loved this book and it’s originality.  Thank you Jaden for your perverse imagination and twisted humor.  Therapist is another reason why I love your work and am in awe of your talent.
          4.5 Naughty Stars for this one. 4.5-stars  


As I approach my office, I am hit with a familiar scent. Cigarette smoke. An earthy, fragrant smell that tickles the edge of my memory. I know this brand from somewhere, but I don’t know where.
I follow my nose down the short hallway to my private area and open my door.
Smoke hangs heavy in the air, clouds of it billow away from me as I enter. I cut a path through to find out who fucking dares to pollute my office like this.
“Shut the door, Alexandre,” a smooth female voice announces as I enter my space. I turn and see a figure seated on the couch, a halo of pure white smoke envelops her head and she exhales a languid breath that lingers as she speaks. “We need to talk.”
I don’t know why, but I obey. I shut the door, turn back again and look at her. She seems familiar; I think I’ve seen her before. She’s wearing a cherry red cocktail dress, dangerously high black leather heels and elbow length white silk gloves. Her hair is black and falls in waves around her face; her eyes are just as dark. I stare into them and wonder if they ever end.
“Who are you and how did you get in here?” I demand and walk to the window. “Please put out your cigarette, this is a no smoking office,” I continue and slide the glass open.
“I don’t want to, I feel more comfortable with a cigarette in my hand,” she purrs and smiles at me. Her lips are dark red and her teeth are perfect, white and straight. She’s an incredibly beautiful woman. “Think of it as part of my…treatment.”
“Why are you here this early? Who scheduled you? And once again, how did you get in?” I demand again. She laughs and leans back on the couch, her long legs stretch out in front of her, emphasising their perfect shape.
She doesn’t answer, but says, “Doctor, I believe I have an urgent issue we need to address. Please,” she gestures towards my desk, “have a seat.” She draws one last breath from her cigarette, exhales as I sit and butts it out on the bottom of her shoe. Red, Louboutins. In a flash I remember where I’ve seen her. Just last weekend at the restaurant. She was there, was she watching me?
I take my seat. She doesn’t seem like the type I want to argue with, at least not until I get to know her. I decide to go along with her little game and give her the illusion of being in control until I can determine how she needs to be treated. “Well? What is this about?” I ask and set my satchel down on the floor next to my chair.
She takes the cigarette butt and flicks it onto the floor at her feet. She leans back again and looks me up and down, landing on my face, her own a mask of disapproval. “You have been a very, very wicked boy, Alexandre,” she says, her voice still a purr. She has the slightest accent and draws out the last part of my name with a sexy drawl. It’s not Russian, Eastern European perhaps? Middle Eastern? I can’t tell, and with her ambiguous dark features, I couldn’t put a finger on her ethnicity either. She’s beautiful and a complete conundrum.
“Why would you say that, Miss…what did you say your name is?” I ask her, leaning across the desk. I forgot to give the surface a swipe yesterday afternoon and it still carries the slightest pungent scent of the sex that happened on it. A gentle nudge, a reminder of the wicked things I have done.
“I didn’t,” she says and smiles. She almost moves in slow motion as if underwater, elegant and purposeful. “I’ve been watching you, Alexandre, and I’ve seen you get up to all kinds of terrible things.”
“What kinds of things?” I ask her, deciding to continue engaging in her little delusion until I know more about her.
“Things to women, vulnerable women,” she says and raises an eyebrow. “Patients, women you pick up in bars, online…you are very busy and very wicked.”
“How do you know this?” I ask her, feeling rather uncomfortable at this particular line of accusation. I’m very careful with my activities, especially with patients. “Have you been following me?”
“Not following, but watching. They’re very different thing. I’ve had my eye on you for a while now, you know,” she tells me and watches my reaction.
“What is your name?” I demand again, feeling that familiar sharp prick of anger rising behind my eyes.
“My name is unimportant. You may call me Mistress.”
“Mistress?” I repeat and laugh, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to be calling you that. Now please tell me your name so I have something to call you.”
She leans forward on the couch, crosses her ankles and stares me down. After a moment or two of uncomfortable silence, I realize I have to capitulate to get anywhere with her.
I shuffled a few papers on my desk, look back at her and say, “Fine, Mistress it is. Now why are you here…Mistress?”
She licks her lips and leans back again, extends her beautiful legs and folds her hands on her lap. She is perfection and she knows it. That irritates me somehow and yet I can’t help but hang on her every word. The anticipation of her reply is coursing through my veins.
“I already told you,” she says in her low, melodic voice, “I am here because you have been wicked. I am here to punish you.”
I’m not that into BDSM. I like to tie people up and I am the consummate Dominant man if it comes right down to it…but the way she says it, in the mysterious accent, sends a thrill down my spine. I lean farther across the desk, look her in the eyes and say, “How are you planning on punishing me?”








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REVIEW+BLOG TOUR+GIVEAWAY: Fixing Justice by Suzanne Halliday

Sometimes the last thing you need is exactly what you get… 
He’s the sexy 007 type complete with tuxedo and an icy blue stare. 
She’s a tom-boy waif who’s more nerd than goddess. 
When Tori Bennett ends up at the Justice Brothers compound in the Arizona desert, 
she’s running away from an epic scandal with her in the starring role as whistleblower. 
She’d had enough of powerful, arrogant men, and just wanted to 
fly off the radar for a while and get her confidence back. 
Draegyn St. John was all that and then some…and he knew it. 
As if being a trust-fund kid with the blonde good looks of a Nordic god wasn’t enough, 
he was also a Special Forces Vet with a serious attitude. Women fell at his feet. 
It wasn’t even a challenge. Until Victoria Bennett comes along and rocks 
his high and mighty world in a very big way. 
Sparks fly each time they meet. When an agency crisis throws them together on an out-of-town trip, their business relationship becomes personal in a hurry. For Drae, it’s an itch he needs to scratch and for Tori, it’s a flat out case of lust. No harm, no foul, right? 
Find out what happens when her smart mouth and refusal to take anybody’s crap meets his powerful arrogance. When what happened in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas,everyone is in for one shock after another!
Fixing Justice is the 2nd book in the Justice Brothers series.
Without having the background of this series or reading the previous novel, Broken Justice, it was quite easy to slip into this story with full understanding of what’s going on. Though this is a series, in my opinion, Fixing Justice was written in a way that it can be read as a stand-alone.

We start out meeting Draegyn St. John during the wedding reception for his military “brother” and business partner Cameron. During his moment of solitude we get a detailed explanation of his background regarding the family life he grew up in.

Victoria “Tori” Bennett is the latest addition to the Justice Agency family as Alex’s, nerdy tech savy and financial wizard, assistant. Keeping to herself and doing everything she can to stay below everyone’s radar, she stumbles upon Drae in the dark dessert night and is instantly attracted to his 007 secret agent sexiness. When Drae sees Tori he isn’t sure what to think of her. She’s nowhere near his type but for some mysterious reason, she immediately gets under his skin.

Written in the 3rd person narrative, the reader is treated to both POVs in this story. Drae’s in a constant battle with what to do about his unusual attraction to Victoria. Her spunk and witty comebacks keeps him on his toes and only feeds the flame. All the while, Tori is battling her non-stop attraction to the notorious playboy. His sex appeal and amazingly sculpted body has her sex drive into OVERDRIVE every time she sees him. As they both resist the pull to each other, their walls crumble that much faster leading to a very sexy and steamy union. From then on, each time they got together, their passion is ignited like fireworks at a Chinese New Year celebration. They literally ravish each other because their attraction runs so deep. A simple kiss is always the spark that lights the fire they can’t put out.

Of course, once they get comfortable and start to accept their attraction to each other, a monkey wrench is thrown in and it all goes to crap. They go from hot and steamy to cold and angry in seconds flat which only drives them crazier for each other.

The story is a good example of “opposites attract”. Both Drae and Tori were very relatable characters and it was easy for me to feel for the characters and their situation. We do get the standard HEA; which is what the audience is usually on the lookout for.

I enjoyed the story and look forward to reading Redeeming Justice to read about Alex’s story.
FIXING JUSTICE gets a 4 stars from this Naughty Mom.

About the Author:
Suzanne Halliday writes what she knows and what she loves – sexy adult contemporary romance with strong men and spirited women. Her love for creating short stories for friends and family has developed into a passion for writing romantic fiction with a sensual edge. She finds the world of digital, self-publishing to be the perfect platform for sharing her stories and also for what she enjoys most of all – reading. When she’s not on a deadline you’ll find her loading up on books to devour.
Currently a wanderer, she and her family divide their time between the east and west coast, somehow always managing to get the seasons mixed up. When not digging out from snow or trying to stay cool in the desert, you can find her in the kitchen, 80’s hair band music playing in the background, kids running in and out, laptop on with way too many screens open, something awesome in the oven, and a mug of hot tea clutched in one hand.

BLOG TOUR/TRAILER BLITZ: Sarah Daltry’s Flowering Series

Introducing Sarah Daltry’s Flowering series, a contemporary New Adult series about finding yourself through love. Please find the synopses and trailers for each of the six titles below. Reading order is suggested in the order the books were written, but no book has a cliffhanger and each can be read independent of the others. The titles are Forget Me Not (Lily’s story), Lily of the Valley (Jack’s story), Blue Rose (Alana’s story), Star of Bethlehem (holiday novella), Orange Blossom (one year later), and Ambrosia (the conclusion).

Series Trailer

Buy Links

Amazon, Apple, All Romance, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords

Box Sets Also Available

Flowering Box Set Volume 1

Amazon, All Romance, Smashwords, Kobo

Flowering Box Set Volume 2

Amazon, Smashwords 

Forget Me Not (Lily’s Story)

This is a coming of age story, but it isn’t always sweet and innocent. If dirty talk, bedroom toys, and threesomes offend you… this is not your book.

“No one tells you when you start school just how homesick you will be, or how hard it will be to start life over with no direction and no friends or family. No one says that becoming your own person is terrifying.”

I never wanted anything but Derek, my brother’s best friend. When I chose a college, it didn’t seem to matter that he would be an hour away. We could survive it. After all, we were in love. But almost immediately, things change between us. I blame myself. Maybe I’m just not sure how to be a girlfriend and independent. Life seems to be getting away from me – and then there’s Jack, the guy down the hall. He’s rude and vulgar and my parents would be shocked by him, yet every single time I see him, I feel like I’m being pulled toward him. It’s physical, sure, but there’s something in Jack’s eyes – and I want to know him. I know I don’t always make the right choices, and I’m the only person at fault when everything falls apart. How do I tell Derek, the guy who was supposed to be everything, that I don’t feel like fighting for him anymore? And do I run to Jack, when I know his past is way too much for me to handle when I’ve just turned 19? Finally, where do I end up in all of this? Can I be more than just someone else’s idea of what I should be?

Lily of the Valley (Jack’s Story)

Jack’s story isn’t pretty. He’s suicidal, depressed, and he uses meaningless sex and alcohol to survive. However, the story is about finding light in the darkness, but sometimes the road there isn’t always easy to walk.

“No one tells you about pain. They tell you that it hurts, that sometimes it’s consuming. What they don’t tell you is that it’s not the pain that can kill you. It’s the uncomfortable numbness that follows, the weakness in your body when you realize your lungs may stop taking in air and you just can’t exert enough energy to care. It’s the way taste and color and smell fade from the world and all you’re left with is a sepia print of misery. That’s when the shift starts – the movement from passive to active. I fall asleep, hoping that the morning will bring back the pain. At least the pain is a thing.”

I’m a plague, a cancer. My mom is dead – and my father is in prison for it. I survived high school because college was my way out. I needed to escape, to get away from my family and the people who tortured me, but it hasn’t grown any easier. I don’t pretend that I’m a good person. I drink far more than I should, and I use my best friend, Alana, because together, we thrive on destroying each other – as well as the parts of us we hate. I don’t believe in love, but sex is fun and it also makes me feel something. The morning I see Lily, the beautiful princess who smells inexplicably like strawberries every time I see her, I realize I’m in trouble. I should hate her. I want to hate her, because the alternative terrifies me. However, as she continues to crash into my life (often literally), I can’t avoid feeling something that is the one thing I swore I would never feel. I can’t fall in love, because people like me don’t live in a world where love saves anyone. She just won’t go away, though, and I don’t know if I can keep running. The voices and the darkness hover over me and they threaten to bring me back to the safety of my hate, but the stupid scent of strawberries lingers on the horizon, as something like hope.

Blue Rose (Alana’s Story)

Warning: This book deals with topics of abuse and may trigger reactions in people who have experienced those things in their own lives. It remains a story about healing, but it’s not always an easy journey.

“Four. My life has been shaped by four people. Four men, to be more specific. My father, my stepfather, my best friend, and my boyfriend. The first two shaped it in horrible ways, but what I am, who I am, is all because of four men.”

Over the last twenty years, I’ve learned how to keep secrets. It doesn’t really matter, since everyone already seems to think they know everything about me. So I hide. I avoid confrontation, I treat Xanax like a magic pill that will make it all go away, and I become everything they think I am. A slut. A whore. Nothing but trash. I can only name two guys who have ever made me feel like I was more than that. Jack is my best friend and I’ve loved him since I met him. Now, though, he’s in love… with someone else, and I guess I need to get over him. Somehow. And then there’s Dave. The guy I never gave a chance. The guy I used almost as much as people used me, because I wanted to pretend I was someone worth loving. Two years have passed since we last spoke, but I don’t know how to stop thinking about him. My new therapist is making me face my past, and she tells me that life inevitably changes without our permission. I believe it, but I know what I am. I hear what she’s saying to me, and I want to try again with Dave, to help Jack find joy, to love myself, and to move on. I just wonder if anyone can do that, really.

Star of Bethlehem

This is a holiday novella-length story that follows Forget Me Not and Lily of the Valley.

“With you, Jack, it was the first time I ever felt real. It was the first time anyone looked at me and saw substance. It was the first time I wanted to make someone see me.”

Jack: New Year’s Eve. I’ve somehow managed to get here, and now I’m wearing a hideous and unreasonably itchy sweater, because I want to impress Lily’s family. I want to do anything for this girl who has made me believe in second chances.

Lily: The house is beautiful and shining with light, but it feels empty. At least until Jack gets here. I know how desperately he wants this – a family, love, a home. If I can be the person who can give it to him, it’s all I need, but I hope I can keep him from seeing how hollow it all really is.

Orange Blossom

“I’ve never understood a year. A year was always a measurement of something bad for me. A year in my father’s prison sentence, a year since my mom’s death, a year left of school before I could get far, far away from here. Now, as I look down the end of my college career, with only a little more than a semester to go, a year seems like something magical. It has been a year since Lily chose me, since she sat with me on the old swing set and made a decision that I was worthy of her. And every minute of the entire year has been better than the last.”

You already know their stories: Lily, the perfect princess, always living someone else’s life. And Jack, the broken boy, who had stopped believing in hope. Somehow, though, they found each other and what was one night blossomed into a love story. Now, a year later, Jack and Lily are dreaming of the future. Despite all of his promises to himself that he would never be indebted to anyone, Jack makes a new promise – this time to Lily – that he will be there for her forever. But when life unravels for them, he starts to pull away, and Lily worries he’s out of reach for good. When Jack does the unthinkable, Lily is left destroyed. Is it possible to have a happily ever after? Does love ever really save anyone?


Four years. One night that was supposed to be an escape turned into four years. And now, four years is about to turn into forever. Lily was never anything special. A perfect girl from a perfect world living an empty life. She was lost, thinking she knew who she was and what she wanted. She thought she knew love, but then there was a boy. Jack has been through Hell. Watching his mother die – at his father’s hands – will never leave him. He had given up on living a life, figuring he would drink himself to death, if he didn’t give in to all the voices telling him to kill himself first. And then there was a girl who smelled like strawberries. Two years have passed since Orange Blossom. Jack and Lily are only months away from their wedding and their journey is about to come to an end. Join them in the final title in the Flowering series, a story of growing up, of finding yourself, and of “blooming.”

BLOG TOUR+GIVEAWAY: New Release – Trust Game by Scarlet Wolfe

Blog Tour Coverphoto

Trust Game Cover

Trust Game By Scarlet Wolfe

Release Date: June 1, 2014



Reese Abbott thought her step up to an accounting manager would be with a more prestigious company than Casteel Motorsports, especially when she steps foot inside the building. Finding it spattered in grease and overrun by male employees, she wonders what she has gotten herself into.

Everett Casteel is the man in charge. His three brothers help run the operation, making it more of a family affair and a place for ribbing and pranks. When Reese is hired without Everett’s knowledge, he’s furious. Having lost his wife in an auto accident, two years prior, he doesn’t want any woman filling the job his wife once held.

Unexpectedly, he’s drawn to Reese and can’t help but want her physically. Although she has gone without sex for several months, she has no intentions of having a fling with her new boss. When bad boy, Everett, makes a pass at her, it sends Reese running out the door in her heels. Her younger sister, Becca, convinces her that an exciting affair with her boss is exactly what she needs before she likely settles down with a boring man.

Unable to resist Everett, she agrees to his sexual games as long as he agrees to her conditions. Both wanting to have the upper hand, they challenge each other sexually, experimenting in ways they have only imagined. Neither bargain for what the other brings to the table, and when both think they’ve found exactly what they’re looking for, Reese makes a discovery about Everett’s deceased wife. The shocking revelation leaves him questioning the value of trust; the very thing he convinced Reese she had found in him.

This is a hot, sexy read with descriptive sexual scenes and harsh language.

Trust Game Full Jacket








2014-05-30 madewithOver TrustGameTeaser TrustGameTeaser2


Everett’s POV as he speaks to Reese:

Go to lunch with me.”

“Won’t the guys wonder why we’re going?”

“I don’t give a flying fuck what any of them think about it.”

“But I do. Remember?” She stands, and those eyebrows of hers are about to reach the peak of her forehead as her fists rest against her hips. Why in the hell did I agree to condition two?

“Look, apparently you worked at stuffier establishments than this. We’re a family business, and everyone is laid back here. You’re paranoid. No one would think less of you because we like each other.”

“I’m finishing my first fucking week here, and you think they’re not going to think differently of me?”

Charging right at her, I pull her into my arms and take hold of her chin firmly. “You need to lower your own damn voice, and we’re about to wrestle if you don’t chill.”

She exhales a frustrated breath as she leans her head back and stares at the ceiling. Her smooth throat calls to me like the wind when I’m riding. There’s never a destination far enough to get my fill of the open road, and I have an uneasy yet thrilling sense that I won’t get my fill of Reese, either.

She’s layers of mystery that I need time to unfold, and her feistiness gets my blood coursing and dick throbbing, leaving me desperate for a release. Sliding my hands into the back of her hair,

I hold her still and start at the hollow of her neck. The tip of my tongue embarks on its journey upward, making small circles. She swallows hard beneath it, and knowing she’s excited has my cock aching against my zipper. Her hands slip under the front of my black t-shirt, blasting me with heat as my tongue skates its way up. I circle her ear before the tip barely skims along the skin behind it.

“What you do to me, I can’t explain it. I have to show you. Let me fucking show you, Reese, and stop being so damn difficult.”

Fingers follow the ripples of my abs like she’s reading goddamn braille, and I’m about to spread her wide on this desk and pleasure her until she can’t even cry out my name because she’ll hardly be able to breath.

“Son of a bitch,” I say before I let her go and storm to the door. Pointing back at her, I see that she’s panting, her eyes barely open, skin pink and blotchy. Dammit.

“You and me tonight, and I’m getting a taste this time.” I can’t help but scowl as I readjust my raging hard-on in my jeans. I’m impossible. Bullshit. Working with her is what’s damn near impossible.




5b4385d25b600ad8986c7c.L._V359927772_SX200_Scarlet Wolfe began writing in January of 2013 as a way to distract and heal from some of the grief she was dealing with after the death of her teenage son.

She instantly fell in love with bringing characters to life. Releasing contemporary romance throughout 2013, she has already branched out this year, releasing erotica and teen.

She loves her family, friends, chocolate, wine, stories about possessive, hot alpha males, and other flavors of ice cream besides vanilla. 😉

She hopes her writing will encourage readers to feel more comfortable exploring their sexuality.



Website – http://www.scarletwolfe.com/

Facebook- https:// www.facebook.com/ScarletWolfe

Twitter- https://twitter.com/authorscarlet


Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Scarlet-Wolfe/e/B00EFYUN7W/

Scarlet’s Books she has https://www.goodreads.com/author/list/7104232.Scarlet_Wolfe

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Mobile link http://tinyurl.com/ScarletWolfeGiveaway


PROMO TOUR: Glimpse of Darkness by Nichole DelaCroix

Glimpse of Darkness

Volume #1: Chronicles of the Cursed

Nicole DelaCroix


Purchase Links

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N

Charlene (Charlie) Bennett is a simple waitress in the wilds of Hyder, Alaska whose father has just gone missing. Isolated and alone, her fathers’ disappearance is nothing new to her, but this time things are a little different.

For starters, there is a handsome stranger, Daniel that has come to town and while Charlie has never taken more than a passing interest in strangers, she has an immediate and intense attraction to this one. Secondly, she’s soon to find out that this stranger isn’t what he appears. He’s about to throw Charlie’s entire world into a major upheaval.

Now Charlie has to decide if she believes this strangers’ incredible story and follow Daniel or if she wants to stay in the only home she’s ever known for an uncertain future and an absentee father. As she comes to terms with what Daniel shows her, she realizes that he’s the only true thing in her life and leaves everything she knows behind to follow the handsome stranger.

Excerpt #1

She was standing in the middle of the poorly lit living room surrounded by chaos holding a baseball bat looking more like a scared child than the woman she was.  “Charlie, please open the door.” The voice sounded so familiar to her, but what on Earth would he be doing here, and how did he know where she lived. She moved towards the door. “Daniel?”  “Yes. Charlie, please trust me, we don’t have very much time, please open the door and let me help you.”

She was very confused but she moved slowly to the door.  She knew that Daniel couldn’t have possibly done this mess, unless he had done it when she was working.  But why would he do something like this and then spend the evening with her. “Charlie, please hurry, we don’t have much time and I need you to trust me. I had nothing to do with what’s happened in your home, believe me. I’m here only to help you.”

She reached for the locks on the door and slowly turned them to open the door.  Before she could even turn the knob, Daniel had turned the door and pushed his way in. He quickly moved through the door and closed it again and locked it pushing furniture in front of the door and windows. Charlie was standing there staring at him with the baseball bat still in a defense mode. “You can put that down; it won’t do you any good anyway.”

Charlie was disoriented and didn’t understand what was going on.  “What are you doing here?  And how do you even know where I live?”  Daniel hadn’t stopped moving around the room moving furniture into defensive positions around the doors and windows.  “I followed you Charlie.”  “What?!  How did you follow me?  I drove off and you were still standing in the parking lot when I left.”  “No Charlie.  I wasn’t.  You saw me following you; you just don’t want to admit that you knew it was me.  But we don’t have time for this right now. Please get whatever you need to leave this place forever and get to the back door as quickly as you can.”

She was just standing there looking at him in bewilderment.  What the hell did he mean he followed her?  She had no idea what he was talking about, and leave this place forever, why on Earth would she do that?  “Charlie. MOVE.”  His voice was filled with urgency and terror and Charlie snapped to her senses.

“I don’t understand. What’s going on?”  Charlie was near tears, she didn’t deal well with pressure to make snap decisions and was feeling overwhelmed by what was happening.  “Charlie.  I don’t have time to explain everything to you, so please you will have to take some of this on faith until we can discuss this in a way that I can explain.  Please. You know I would never hurt you; in fact I’m doing my best to prevent just that.  But you are in serious danger right now, and I need you to focus and do as I say.  Can you do that for me?”

Charlie was blinking back the tears but nodded her head.  She didn’t know why she trusted this man, but he’d not given her any reason not to and right now he was thinking straight and she wasn’t. “Go into your room, grab as much clothes as you can put into a backpack. Nothing more than a backpack. Say you understand me.”  “I understand.”  “Good.  Take only what you can carry in this one backpack, nothing more, and only take what you need. I know it’s hard to let go of some things, but they are only possessions, so decide if they are worth your life.  If they are, take them, if not, leave it.  Say you understand me.”  “I understand, but…” “We don’t have time, Charlie.  NOW.”


Ten Fun Facts about Nicole DelaCroix

1)      My childhood dream is to live in London, England.  I love everything British and even drink imported English tea like a closeted Brit.  (Shhh, don’t tell anyone)

2)      I’m fluent in many languages – Sarcasm, Profanity and Double Entendres, just to name a few. (Bet you thought I was serious)

3)      I’m incredibly clumsy and have tripped over my own two feet more times than I can count.  Mostly it happens when I’m wearing flat shoes and on even pavement.  I’ve never taken a fall wearing high heels.

4)      Speaking of shoes, I spend more money on shoes (preferably platform boots please) than I do on fixing my car, groceries or anything else.  I have multiple pairs that are far too high for me to wear that I still have in boxes.  I refuse to get rid of them, eventually I will wear them.

5)      I subscribe to a theory of radical honesty, meaning that I do everything in my power to not tell a lie.  I do however, refuse to tell anyone my correct age, and I never will.

6)      I believe in ghosts, so much so that I’m convinced that there was a ghost of a nurse in my childhood bedroom.  I’m still scared to sleep alone in that room.

7)      I refuse to eat any food that has feet or face still attached to it.  So peel and eat shrimp, crab legs, lobster, fish, etc., I won’t even eat if it’s on the table.  It just freaks me out.

8)      I’m scared of most all bugs, snakes and general creepy crawly things, except spiders.  Spiders are cool and don’t scare me at all.

9)      I have the biggest sweet tooth ever!  I keep jars of candy and sweets all over my home, work and car.  I always have something, even if it’s only gum.

10)   I hate having my picture taken, and my mother insists that there is more footage of Bigfoot than there is of me. (She’s probably right too)



Excerpt #2

Daniel finally turned to her and acknowledged that she was there. “You’ve guessed right. We are just ahead of the cannery and yes we are going to catch a cannery truck. There is a shipment leaving in about 15 minutes that will come this way.  When they come this way the pack will delay the driver so we can sneak onto the back of the truck. What I need you to do is wait until I give the signal to go and then run to the back of the truck quickly and quietly without drawing any attention. It’s imperative that the driver does not know we’re on the truck.  He can never see us if he does this whole thing will fall apart.  Do you understand?” Charlie nodded, she didn’t like the plan, but she would do what Daniel asked of her.

“We will stay in the back of the truck until they get to Washington state and then we can make our way from there. But it’s very important that until we make it out of town and on the highway that you don’t say or think anything. Focus on your music, keep your eyes closed and try not to listen. If you hear something make sure it doesn’t break your concentration Charlie, it’s very important. I can’t block you and both our lives depend on you keeping quiet. I know you’re tired and upset and I haven’t been very forthcoming, but we’re almost out of here. You’ve had your life in my hands up to now and the only way I can return the trust is to tell you that my life is in your hands until we make it out of town. All you have to do is focus on the music in your head; can you do that for me?”

Charlie felt the gravity of his words and hoped that she could come through for him.  She would definitely try her very best to do exactly what he wanted her to do.  She had managed to grab her ear buds when they were leaving the cabin, she figured she could dig those out and put them in. They weren’t completely noise canceling but when she had them in she found it easier to focus.  Besides she could put her MP3 player on and the music could just play helping her focus even more.

Daniel started to look a little relieved that she was taking his words to heart and coming up with the best solutions to keep them both safe. He relaxed his grip on her hand a little letting her know that he understood what she was thinking and was on board with her plan.

They hadn’t been sitting very long when they heard the unmistakable rumble of the oversized cannery truck in the distance. She figured they had about 5 minutes before the truck made it to where they were hiding. Her adrenaline was pumping and her tiredness eased up and she was on pins and needles waiting for the truck to make it around the curve.

It seemed like forever before the truck lights showed on the horizon meaning that the truck was about 3 minutes away.  Daniel looked focused on what was going on and the pack was on edge as well. It was clear a plan was in play but Charlie was clueless as to what exactly it was. All she knew was her part in it, pay attention get to the back of the truck without being seen.

It wasn’t long before the noisy truck was making its way around the curve and picking up speed.  Charlie started to let her doubts creep in, how were they going to be able to jump on a moving vehicle. When without warning the answer to her unspoken question showed itself. The missing pack members were corralling a wild black bear on the other side of the road. It was clear by their behavior that they were going to push the bear into the road in front of the truck about 30 feet ahead of where Charlie and Daniel were hiding.

Charlie started to worry that the bear would make it across the road before the truck could make it, when the rest of the pack moved into action. They ran up to intercept the bear and block it onto the road, there was no escape as the truck barreled down on the bear. Since the curve in the road had hid the bear, the truck slammed into the poor animal. As soon as they heard the tires squeal, Daniel pulled Charlie up and they both ran to the back of the truck. Daniel quickly cut the seal on the truck as the wolves started howling loudly.  Sound cover to pull up the door so they could jump in, the pack had thought of everything.

Only Charlie worried that the bear may have damaged the truck too much for it to continue its journey, but she didn’t have to wait long as she heard the bear growl and the pack disperse and the unmistakable sound of the cab door closing. Soon enough her fear was squashed as the truck lurched into movement. Charlie dug out her MP3 player and ear buds and started listening to music.  She had her classical mix playing David Garrett so she was instantly lost in the music.

About the Author

Nicole Delacroix is the author of the fantasy paranormal novel Glimpse of Darkness, born in Frankfurt Germany to a German mother and American Military father.  Her parents instilled in her a deep love of the written word and a profound respect for literature in all forms. So it’s little wonder that from the moment she could first write she knew that writing would always be a part of who she is. From short stories to dabbling in scriptwriting she passes her time with her day job as an IT professional but feverishly writes well into the night. Her passion for literature encompasses many different genres but her heart beats true with fantasy and science fiction. She’s fiercely loyal to friends and family and is eagerly awaiting the day when she can move to London England, her childhood dream.  You can visit her at www.nicole-delacroix.com

Contact Nicole

Website | Facebook | Tumblr | Goodreads | Google +  | Amazon Author Page | Twitter: @NicoleDelaCroix


COVER REVEAL: Breaking Free by Brandy L. Rivers


TITLE – Breaking Free
SERIES – Others of Edenton
AUTHOR – Brandy L Rivers
GENRE – Adult Paranormal Romance
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 67k
PUBLISHER – Brandy L Rivers
COVER ARTIST – Brandy L Rivers

Breaking Free - Cover

They say that dreams can come true, but as a dreamwalker, Devlin had yet to experience anything but nightmares. Then again, the druid had been held by sadistic vampires and dark mages for twenty years, forced to do their bidding. Newly escaped, he stumbles upon a dreamrealm where he can’t resist a little werewolf.

Jamie just wants someone to call her own. She feels like she’s been waiting for an awfully long time, when a man who teases her memory begins to visit her while she’s dreaming. From the moment she feels his turmoil, she’s drawn in, wanting nothing more than to heal his broken soul.

Before Devlin can decide what to do, he has to make a trip to Edenton. His first goal is to make sure someone who can’t remember him is safe and happy. The little werewolf of his dreams happens to live there, and she’s even more irresistible in real life.

When you’ve been taught all your life to run, what will make you change? Can Jamie convince her mate to stay and fight? Will he risk everything to have what he needs? Or run to save them all?

Breaking Free

The moon shone bright over a crystal clear lake. Thousands of stars were reflected, like floating diamonds sparkling. The breeze blew gently through red cedar, pine, and maple. The clean mountain air reminded him of camping with his family when he was a boy.
It had been so long since he had the liberty, and desire, to enjoy nature. The water called to Devlin. Carefully, without a sound, he pulled the clothes from his body and placed them on the stump beside him.
With a slow breath, he walked into the gentle ripples, creating larger crests of his own. Warm water greeted him. He dove under, swimming deeper.
A splash caught Devlin’s attention. He broke the surface to find nothing, and no one. Closing his eyes, he reached out with his senses. A lone werewolf was close.
Panic flared through him, and he started for the shore, but a woman surfaced before him. A slow smile spread on her face when he flailed back, splashing her in his surprise.
“Your heart’s pounding.” Amusement sparkled in her pale blue topaz eyes as she placed one small hand over his chest. Warmth washed through him offering a calm he couldn’t remember ever feeling.
Yet, he was terrified the Dales were tracking him. A dream, nothing more than a dream. They can’t find me, he reminded himself.
“You startled me,” Devlin replied.
“Hmm.” Her foot brushed against his calf, sending a shiver through his entire body. She tapped her finger to her chin. “You remind me of someone, but I can’t figure out who.”
Intrigued, and certainly heading toward aroused, he asked, “What makes you say that?”
One corner of her shiny pink mouth lifted impishly. “Don’t know, but you do.” Her voice had taken on a husky purr which effectively made his blood pump faster.
A dream, just a dream, he told himself. Then he did something bold, something he hadn’t done in so long he was sure he’d fail, even in a fantasy. “What’s a sweet little wolf like you doing out here all alone?”
Her giggle was melodic as her already dazzling eyes lit up. “Looking for love in all the wrong places.”
As if on cue, his resistance broke. Her tiny waist fit perfectly in his hands, her hips flared in a way that made him groan. Devlin propelled them closer to the shore, until his feet touched bottom.
Before he could make his move, her legs locked around his hips and her fingers caressed up his shoulder and neck to delve into his hair. She grazed her lips over his. Afraid to take things too far, he slid his hands up her back, pressing her full breasts against his chest.
Needing more of her taste, he deepened their kiss. Devlin felt more alive than he could remember. A dream, just a blasted dream, his brain chimed in. The knowledge didn’t stop him from sweeping his tongue into her mouth when she opened to him.
Her body undulated in tune with his, and her heated core slid against his hardened length. The urge to bury himself in her was too much.
Pulling back, he panted, “Your name? Need your name, Precious.”
“Precious?” She licked her lips as she stared back at him with something like awe in her big blue eyes.
He tipped his forehead to hers and breathed in her wild but seductive scent. “You’ve set me free of my old life. You’ve given me something to look forward to.” He didn’t know where the words came from, but he didn’t dare take them back. They felt right.
“Jamie Abrams. You better come to me.” There was a command hidden in her sweet sassy voice, one he truly wanted to obey. “I’ll be waiting.”
He nodded, rolling her name through his head like a fine wine over his tongue.

Author Photo

Brandy L Rivers is the author of the Others of Edenton Series. There are more Others of Edenton in the works. She is also working on the first couple books in the Others of Seattle series.
As an avid reader, Brandy has always loved writing. She became serious about it as a stay-at-home-mother. She has a file full of manuscripts she plans to edit and put out there eventually.
She lives in Western Washington with her husband and three kids, where she is already working on the future stories in the series.


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BLOG TOUR + REVIEW: Cupid’s Desire by Phoenix Rayne

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Publisher: G Street Chronicles
Alareik is a Cupid, and get that image of a diapered baby with a bow and arrow right out of your head. Cupids are all six foot Gods of love, invisible to the mortal’s eyes, who are sent down to Earth with their daily assignments…to help mortals fall in love.
Alareik is the most popular Cupid out there, and not only is he the hottest Cupid but he’s the most compassionate. Alareik stumbles across a mortal who has a third eye. Sapphire, a waitress no one would take a second glance at, can see the invisible Cupids. Alareik has never met a mortal who could do this. He’s put on a special assignment to figure her out.
Alareik willingly accepts this task and finds himself falling for the plain and peculiar girl. Sapphire’s love for life changes this Cupid’s heart forever.


This story was different.  I enjoyed the concept and the fact that it was solely in the male lead’s POV as with most books the female’s POV dominates in the romance genre.  I had a tendency to lose my understanding of the plot.  Everything was happening so fast I had to re-read pages sometimes to try and get back on track.  There were a couple of times that I just didn’t understand what had just happened. I enjoyed Alareik’s character.  He was a gentle soul and I got a kick out of his constant reference to “the beast” in his pants…that was a first for me in all my reading.
I liked how the story started out giving the reader a glimpse of Alareik’s daily Cupid duties.  It was insightful.  The storyline itself was cute but it needed more.  The plot could have been “slowed down” a bit and been given more details as to what was happening. Characters were introduced so quickly (almost rushed) as the story progressed that you don’t really have the opportunity to connect with them.
The story’s ending did give me the impression that there may possibly be a follow up so I’d be interested to see where the story goes, if that’s the case.
This Naughty Mom gives Cupid’s Desire 3.5 stars 3-half-star-hotel2
Phoenix Rayne

Phoenix Rayne was born in Federal Way Washington in a small community. Currently she resides in Nashville Tennessee where she is a student as well as a full time author… Phoenix is a published author that has several novels under her belt that she has penned with G-Street Chronicles. When not writing you can find her in a shoe store shopping or catching a good movie.
Social media links:
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