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One Ride to get away and stay safe. One Ride cross country to evade the rival that looks to provoke the Hellions by threatening the daughter of the Hellions MC National President, their Princess. The man tasked with this is from one of their chapters and has’t been able to get her out of his mind since the moment he saw her. He knows she’s off limits, but tell that to his body that seems to react at just the thought of her.

Delilah aka Doll has lived her life around bikers. She knows their ways and has lived a life where she’s never had to fear. The Hellions MC have protected her all her life and she’s comfortable around them. With so many badass bikers looking out for her, she’s grown up to be a strong woman. Independent, strong willed and nearly fearless. She knows what she wants and she’s bold enough to go for it.

Tripp, along with his cousin and best friend Rex, joined the Hellions when their National Prez took them under his wing and showed them the biker life. He loves his Club. He loves his life and the freedom it provides. The women, the open road and his bike. That’s all he could ever want. But Doll changes all that and when he’s tasked with protecting her while the club handles the threat, being in close quarters with her slowly breaks down the “off limits” barrier he was given and promised himself. She’s not just a clubwhore nor is she some barfly he comes across on a run…she’s important and worth so much more. He just didn’t expect her to be worth so much to him.

This was different from what I’m used to in an MC romance. Typically the author takes the reader along for the ride as the MC battles their foe. In One Ride, Chelsea Camaron keeps the story focused on the characters. Focused on the sexual tension, angst and love between Doll and Tripp.

I’ve read several novels from Chelsea Camaron and have been looking forward to digging into the world of the Hellions Motorcycle Club. One Ride was a great start. Though I didn’t connect with the characters on as deep a level as I expected, I truly enjoyed the story and growth between the Hero and heroine. The story wasn’t intense with suspense or the standard MC chaos. To me it was a contemporary romance with some really intense naughty action.

One Ride was a great blend of hot biker, sexy and strong heroine, steamy action with a dash of suspense. I look forward to making my way through this series and getting to know the rest of the club and their women.

one-ride-2015-cover-ebookOne Ride by Chelsea Camaron
Hellions Ride MC #1
Genre: MC Romance
Published: December 19, 2013
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Delilah “Doll” Reklinger never imagined her life with anyone that wasn’t a Hellion. She never imagined a Hellion would come along and prove himself worthy enough to her father, Roundman, Hellions Club President. Content in living in the bubble of safety the motorcycle club family has always provided, Doll never thought that danger surrounded her.

Roundman has kept the Hellions contained for the last thirty years by controlling the chaos surrounding their lifestyle. When the dangerous side to their business comes knocking on his door, he realizes his precious Doll isn’t safe. The Hellions code may be that women and children are off limits in any altercation or dispute, but that doesn’t mean their enemies follow that same moral compass.

His only child, now in danger from the association to him and his club, Roundman makes a decision. He sends her away to a charter club, in hopes that the trouble won’t follow.

One ride across the country. One simple ride. Talon “Tripp” Crews has been ordered to take Doll on one ride away and to keep her safe. She’s off limits, his head knows this, but his body can’t deny the sparks between them. She’s feisty, fierce, and fearless. Constantly in close confines together, can they deny the chemistry? Will they give into the attraction between them? Can one ride turn lust into love?

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