It’s hard to say goodbye – Review Spotlight of the Bayonet Scars series finale: CREASE by JC Emery [Limited Time series sale]

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I seriously have a love/hate relationship with a series finale. I love to see that all the characters I have come to love have found that Happily Ever After. And I hate to be faced with an emotional goodbye. It’s truly bittersweet. The Bayonet Scars was one of my very first MC series and I’m sad to see it end, but I’m so grateful to have met the strong and protective men of Forsaken MC as well as their bold, sassy and incredibly courageous women.

Crease starts off immediately where Haunt ended. The infamous Mancuso downfall. But important figures are injured and every one is shaken up and worried of potential loss. But we’ve seen everyone’s love story. These young men have found their soulmates during their rivalry with the Mancuso crime family and they’ve all used Jim and Ruby as examples. Their love was the ultimate relationship goal. They share such an incredible bond that was forged over years of growth and love and everyone else strives for that. So how fitting is it to end this series from a place where it all started? It’s simply poetic and was one of the most beautiful tales I’ve ever read.

The matriarch and patriarch I’ve come to love shared such a wonderful story. To see them so young as they come together as a blended family with two very different boys that were already a handful on their own, and together they were pure entertainment. Seeing Ryan and Ian as young boys was an absolute BONUS. Especially to see that their personalities hadn’t changed over their years and those boys got in to some seriously “sticky” situations. I had plenty of LOL moments.

In Crease, we see Ruby’s strength like never before. The single mother doing whatever it took to care for her troubled son. The patience and love she had for a boy so traumatized. The size of her heart as she began to care for a son that wasn’t hers by blood but became so through love. And lets not forget her courage to stand up to a big bad biker when no one else would. Gah, she literally became my idol.

And I won’t forget Jim. The man was the bees knees in his younger days. Once Ruby came into the picture, he was so swoon worthy. He was sweet and romantic without being mushy. He never once lost his edge or his biker badassness but showed his utter devotion to Ruby and the boy that he took on as his own, from nearly day one. We also see him turn into the father we already know they all love.

There is so much in this series, not just this story. I have laughed and cried with them all. From that first page of Ride to the last page of Cease they all burrowed their way into my heart and even though this series is over, they will always have a permanent place there. I would like to consider this more of a see you later instead of goodbye…because I can always open them up and start this series all over again.

ceaseasmallCease by JC Emery
Bayonet Scars #7
Genre: Romance, MC, Contemporary
Release Date: October 27, 2016
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Death silences. Love echoes.

Ruby Buckley is no stranger to loss. She lost her twins in their infancy, lost her son to his demons,a and lost herself to a life she never wanted.

Until him.

Jim Stone is lost. He’s a father who doesn’t know how to parent, a brother how doesn’t know why he ever patched in, and is completely numb to everything around him.

Until her.

Craving normalcy, Ruby wants to live straight, but that’ easier said than done with a member of the Forsaken Motorcycle Club is determined to make her his old lady. She’s plagued by a past she can’t escape. He vows to give her a better future, even if it means delivering on the impossible.

But falling in love was only the beginning.

Twenty years later and they’re still going strong, even if the world around them is crumbling. Jim’s put his club on the line and given Ruby the impossible—her now adult twins she thought she’d lost forever. She has everything she’s always wanted.

But at what cost?

Love is never more real than when it’s forever.

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divider line excerpt blue PROLOGUE

Time after time, I never cease to be amazed at how deeply I can be hurt.

Just a flesh wound, Mama.

Jim’s words echo in my mind over and over again. They’re all I hear as I watch my husband— the man who taught me that men can be good— being lifted into the back of the van by his brothers. Blood pools at the bottom of his vest and drips to the pavement.

My daughter— the precious baby I thought I’d lost forever— is being carried to the van by the boy who became my son at the age of eight. She’s lost so much blood. The dark red liquid completely covers her face, neck, and chest. My heart falls into my stomach as I catch sight of the blood smeared all over Ryan’s cut and his face.

My husband’s been gutted and my daughter’s been sliced open.

Both bleeding.

One dying.

Maybe two.

Hopefully none.

And all I can think about is my own selfish need to keep them with me. If I’m not a mother to my daughter or a wife to my husband, then I don’t know who I am. I’ll still have my sons— all three of them— but it’s not the same. My boys don’t need me the way my man and my girl do. I won’t get to hang on to Michael for much longer. He’s a Mancuso and he’ll be staying in New York to take over the family— and it doesn’t matter how I feel about that. Ian, my eldest, has his wife Mindy. He thinks he still needs me, but he doesn’t. Ryan, the boy I have to remind myself isn’t really mine, has Alex. My daughter.

If we lose her, there’s nothing anyone can do to make it better. Ryan will never recover and neither will I. He’ll shut down, just like Rage did when we lost Sylvia, and even I won’t be able to reach him then.

If we lose Jim, we lose our rock. I lose the only person I ever trusted enough to give my whole heart to besides my children.

I won’t survive it.
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