Today’s Spotlight: #Review and #Excerpt of TWO CAN PLAY ( #2) by Victoria Ashley & Hilary Storm

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A great new story in this series. I knew Blaze was going to be entertaining. I just knew it. Karma was Sexy! I have had a girl crush since she appeared in the first book. Definitely someone that leaves an impression.

Now that Blaze is the new Alpha of the house, he’s loving all his new responsibilities. New ideas, as well as his clients keep him busy and he’s loving his new position in the house. He was made for this job and he does it quite well. But he’s not too busy to have fun and he only wants to have fun with Karma. Ever since she “handled” him the first time, he’s had a fire burning for her and he loves sparking the flame every time they’re together. So did I. They were fricking hot every time they got together. Dang…they had me getting tingly all over.

With a touch of suspense, plenty of comic relief and very lovable characters, this was an great follow up to book one in the series. I can’t decided who I love more; Lynx or Blaze. That’s a tough choice, and thankfully I don’t really have to choose.

What I liked most is that both characters knew who they were. They knew what they enjoyed. How they enjoyed it and loved their career paths. This made them compatible in and out of the bedroom. A great story.
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Two Can PlayTwo Can Play by Victoria Ashley & Hilary Storm
Alpha Chat #2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 22, 2016
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The Series

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ABOUT THE BOOK – That’s all the info you need to get off in the privacy of your own room, office or hell… even in a public fucking pool.

Whatever gets you wet.

Lynx brought me into the Alpha House because he knows I can give the women what they want.

They want to see me take my pants off, so I give them a big fucking surprise. They want to see me stroke myself, so I do it with both hands, giving them the show of their lives.

It’s been fun and games for the last few months and money is flowing in faster than I can count it. Anyone I want, my fine ass can get.

Until Karma walks into the Alpha House and changes the damn game.

She wants to play hard to get and pretend that she doesn’t want me every damn day.

Well… She’s about to find out that Two Can Play.

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Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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