Today’s Spotlight: #Review of King of Wall Street by Louise Bay

naughty mom review★★★★

This such such a cute story. Plenty of angst and a few moment of “hate” Sex, though they never hated each other. They were just in utter denial and gave in to their magnetic attraction.

Harper and Max were wonderfully strong characters with great chemistry.

Harper is a go-getter. She believes in working hard and working for Max King has been a dream of hers and an honor…or so she thought. He turned out to be a douche. He was always rude and short with her and she couldn’t figure out why. Turns out there was more going on than she thought.

Max King has a home life and business life. He prides himself on keeping the two worlds completely separate. But Harper Jayne is making it pretty damn difficult. Her work ethic and beautifully, sexy body are making it hard to focus. Trying to ignore her and keep his distance just ISN’T working.

With angst at an all time high and tension levels at maximum levels…these two explode when they finally come together and it was intense. But working together on a big project lead them to learn more about each other on a deeper level. Harper learns that there are good dads out there. Max King is proof and that only melts her heart all the more. Max King learns that to truly be a King, a queen is needed to rule and Harper just might be that person.

With great comedic deliver, sexy and erotic passion and a wonderfully story line, King of Wall Street was a completely enjoyable story. I loved everything about it and the writing was amazing. This was my very first Louise Bay novel and I am officially a fan. I can’t wait to get my hands on more of her books.

KingofWallStreet.v15.EbookKing of Wall Street by Louise Bay
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: August 24, 2016
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I keep my two worlds separate.
At work, I’m King of Wall Street. The heaviest hitters in Manhattan come to me to make money. They do whatever I say because I’m always right. I’m shrewd. Exacting. Some say ruthless.
At home, I’m a single dad trying to keep his fourteen year old daughter a kid for as long as possible. If my daughter does what I say, somewhere there’s a snowball surviving in hell. And nothing I say is ever right.
When Harper Jayne starts as a junior researcher at my firm, the barriers between my worlds begin to dissolve. She’s the most infuriating woman I’ve ever worked with.
I don’t like the way she bends over the photocopier—it makes my mouth water.
I hate the way she’s so eager to do a good job—it makes my dick twitch.
And I can’t stand the way she wears her hair up exposing her long neck. It makes me want to strip her naked, bend her over my desk and trail my tongue all over her body.
If my two worlds are going to collide, Harper Jayne will have to learn that I don’t just rule the boardroom. I’m in charge of the bedroom, too.

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