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It’s extremely rare that I claim a book boyfriend, but Joseph Starling is one I can’t NOT claim. He was the sexiest, sweetest and funniest guy I have come across in such a long time. He was an all around charmer and gentleman. So I officially say…HE. IS. MINE!!!!

With all the reading I’ve done over the last couple of years, I don’t understand how it’s possible to not have known about this book. As I understand it, it’s a re-release and I could just scream that I hadn’t read it before. This book meant so much to me. Not only was it highly entertaining, but it managed to bring forth memories in a past relationship of mine. Fond memories that I’m thankful for.

This book felt very personal for me. You see, I was Faith and he was my very own Joe. Like Joe, he loved me just as I was. No matter how I felt about myself or what his friends thought. I wasn’t the usual type he’d dated before me (nor was I a close couple comparison) but I’d been the only one he considered committed for.

Now, on to the book:
Joe Starling learned early that pleasing a woman right was the best way to get more opportunities to do it again. The life of escort fell upon him at an age where it was a total dream job and he was loving it. The money, women and fun were all he could have asked for. That’s until one client walked into his office and was nothing like those he’d been escorting. From that moment, he couldn’t get her out of his head and he did everything he could [maybe a little stalking too] to learn more about her. He wanted to know EVERYTHING. Not once did her ever see her as a job.

Faith was a beautiful woman who grew up with waif-thin female family members and the belief that she was too big or not as pretty. It had everything to do with her lack of confident and self-esteem. On the outside, she could be mistaken for a “mouse”, but on the inside she was the bold and confident sex-kitten she should have been. Meeting Joe and being the object of his affection and protection ultimately gave her the strength and confidence she needed to be the woman she was meant to be.

With a past that wouldn’t let him go and a present that held her down, they both fought through difficult obstacles in order to be together and it made the story that much sweeter.

This story brought me back to a time of my life I hadn’t thought of in quite some time and gave me a sense of longing to have that back. My ending wasn’t as happy as it was for Joe and Faith, but I was happy living vicariously through them. For a pick me or a boost, this is a great story to get back your confidence in knowing you are a beautiful woman. No matter your flaws and we should always strive to find a man that will make it his mission the remind us how special and beautiful and sexy we are whenever he can.
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perfect ten coverPerfect Ten by Nikki Worrell
Genre: Contemporary, Erotica
Release Date: August 15, 2016
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Kindle Paperback


Man candy isn’t on her menu. But maybe one taste won’t hurt…

Joe Starling has been stinking rich, and he’s been poor. But from the moment he figured out what makes women scream, he’s been raking in the cash. Not as a prostitute. Not technically…

Sex isn’t officially part of the Perfect Ten escort service’s package. Yet Joe is almost embarrassed to admit his “package” has gotten quite a workout in the past seven years. Truth be told, the ladies want him, and he can’t say no.

Faith Graham’s first reaction to Joe Starling? No. Make that hell no. She needs an average Joe on her arm for her model-thin sister’s wedding. Who will believe a dazzling hunk like him would date the Graham sister who has a few too many curves?

For the first time, Joe experiences what it’s like for a woman to look at him with loathing rather than lust. And he doesn’t like the feeling. Because there is nothing in this world he wants more than to turn her emphatic no into a heartfelt yes. In fact, a lifetime lifetime of yes would work just fine for him…

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