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Born Into Trouble is the first book in a spin-off series based on characters introduced in one of my FAVORITE MC romance series. The Rebel Wayfarers MC is filled with some of the greatest bikers I’ve ever come across. Benny is the younger brother of one of one of the Chapter Presidents, Slate with a passion for music and an up and coming music career.

Benny’s story touched me on so many levels. Having been a fan of the Rebel Wayfarers MC since I cracked open the first page of Mica, I was quite familiar with Benny’s story. I knew his struggle with addiction was a big hurdle for himself and the Rebels, especially his older brother Slate.

Being granted the in-depth behind the scenes of what started Benny down that downward spiral is what touched me. His story was all too familiar to someone I knew. Though he didn’t get the HEA that Benny did, I know that struggle as if we’re my own. I will forever wish I had been stronger and offered him the kind of support he really needed, but unlike with Benny, I am just one person and he had a large group of amazingly strong men that could practically scare you straight. Shoot, Mason alone is a force to be reckoned with AND my dream biker.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect with this story. But I went in with an open mind and open heart and let the story take over. I was only into the first could pages when I was ready to kill Benita with my bare hands. Into the first couple chapters I was trying to concoct ways of diving into the pages and write myself a scene of how I would end her. And I was clapping and cheering when Benny finally had the strength to let out all that anger, frustration and hurt.

Benny was a good kid that was forced down a road he didn’t realize he was traveling and MariaLisa deMora did such an outstanding job detailing and conveying his struggle to set his path right. The imagery I got from his internal ramblings and how hard it was for him to resist. How much he wanted to succeed and how if felt when he failed. Addiction is a war with daily battles that a person faces every day and I LITERALLY felt Benny’s pain. I felt his disappointment in himself and I felt the support he was given from Lucia to Slate and even the fear that Mason’s words provoked.

I felt so much with this story and the only physical struggle I had to deal with was forcing myself to stop reading to just get a couple hours of sleep. Because once I started I couldn’t let go. I was so invested in Benny that I wanted to give him all my strength as well.

I look forward to more Occupy Yourself and always love seeing the Rebels anytime I can.
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born into trouble coverBorn Into Trouble by MariaLisa deMora
Occupy Yourself #1
Release Date: June 20, 2016
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Benny Jones grew up fast, much faster than anyone in his family realized, in the backwoods sticks of Wyoming. Blessed with movie star good looks he didn’t lack for female attention, and his first girlfriend set the tone for his romantic life. Older, beautiful, rich, and generous, she wanted to have a pretty toy to play with, and a prettier boy on her arm. His worth became defined by her needs, which left him feeling empty and hollow.

Ben found an escape from the sordidness of his world with music, and frequently lost himself in the sounds and rhythms he could create, trying to set aside the increasing feelings of worthlessness and betrayal. He knew eventually it would all catch up with him, and he was right. It did, the night he nearly died. Fortunately for Ben his older brother was there to save him. Again.

Now, he’s attempting to navigate the world as a sober artist, digging in and holding onto his dreams by sheer determination alone when Lucia walks into his life. Sweet, beautiful, caring, and oh-so off limits Luce makes him think there are better things in store for him. There are problems, though. Not only doesn’t she fit the mold of his previous ladies, but her father is one of his brother’s best friends. No problem, right?
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