Today’s Spotlight Read: My Review of Don’t Wake the Dead by C.C. Wood [#Giveaway]

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DWTD_ebookcover_HiresDon’t Wake the Dead by C.C. Wood
The Wraith Files #1
Release Date: May 25, 2016
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My name is Zoe Thorne and I’m just an ordinary woman. My life is mundane, and that’s perfectly fine with me; I work a boring job, watch TV, read books, and sleep alone. There’s nothing special about me.

Except that I can see ghosts.

After suffering years of rejection due to my freakish ability, I’m determined to hide my “gift” from others. That is until I meet Malachi Flemming and his peculiar yet amusing friends. Mal hosts a paranormal web show titled The Wraith Files and when he discovers my talent, he offers me a job. Well, offer may not be the right word.

He won’t take no for an answer.

One night, we stumble across a spirit on the side of a deserted, country road. He seems lost and scared, convinced someone murdered him. Mal’s interest is piqued and he insists on helping me investigate the accident. The deeper we dig, the clearer it becomes that the killer doesn’t want us to discover the truth.

Desperate people will go to any lengths to keep their secrets buried. Sometimes it’s best not to wake the dead unless you plan to join them.

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This book had everything I could have asked for. Great characters with a paranormal story line full of suspense, comedy and angst. I was riveted from the start and it was the perfect book to get me out of my rut. Lately, reading romance every day was starting to feel monotonous, and Don’t Wake the Dead was the breath of fresh air I needed to bring life back to my enjoyment of reading.


Zoe is an independent female in a small town where her gift has kept the small town gossip mill going since she was just a girl and she tries her hardest to life as normal a life as possible… until a handsome, geeky Malachi Flemming asks if he can film his little YouTube show at her house. She learns quickly that Mal and his two friends don’t see her as the freak she’s always felt to be. She finds a friendship with with Mal, Stoney and Blaine that she never thought was possible.

Along with her best friend, Jonelle and Teri, the sexually frustrated and boy crazy spirit that lives in her house, her confidence in herself grows. With their support, she learns to embrace what makes her special and along the way, they help her find a purpose for her gifts.


I loved each and every character. None of them had a small part in this story. They all made it what it was and contributed to so much of what made it so great. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Wraith Files gang. Mal, was sweet and sexy. Understanding and supportive and caring. He was just all around “dreamy”. Blaine and Stoney kind of reminded me of Shaggy and Scooby. They were the silly, comic relief but were so much more. They were intelligent and cute and caring guys. The three of them welcomed Zoe into their small circle with instantly and made her feel accepted.

Jonelle and Teri were her sex crazed besties…except only one of them is breathing. Teri was funny as hell. For three decades she’s missed sex and is super happy to have all these new men around to play with. A horny ghost is absolute hilarity.


I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud with these characters, yet the story line was perfect to even everything out so that it was all perfectly balanced. If you need to get over a book hangover, Don’t Wake the Dead is my TOP recommendation. For a quick and HIGHLY entertaining read, Don’t Wake the Dead is my TOP recommendation. This book did not disappoint.
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