New Dark Suspense w/ 5 Star Review: PIECES OF ONE, Part 2 (The Dark Life Collection) by SVC Ricketts

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Title: Pieces of One, Part 2 (The Dark Life Collection)
Author: SVC Ricketts
Genre: Suspense/Contemp. Romance
Cover Design: Judi Perkins/Concierge Literary Promotions
Release Date: September 8th, 2015add-to-goodreads-button

P2 - SynopsisBook TWO in a three part dark suspense and contemporary romance series. Be warned: IT HAS A CLIFFHANGER ENDING!

** Due to explicit language, violence and sexual scenes, this is recommended for a mature audience, 18+. Read with extreme CAUTION. **

Within the last few weeks I’ve been stalked, almost raped, witnessed a murder, and found out I am working with the FBI. All because of that slutty tramp, Marvy. Mind you, I did have my first sexual experience with a smoking hot guy, so there’s that…but I still hate her.

That wimpy cry-baby blames me for everything which is total joke! If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have gone back to the club without a gun. Now I’m stuck with that jerk-off, Bryson, hiding from people that want to see me dead.

I’m supposed to be getting the dirt on Bryson, but truth of the matter is, I think I’m falling for the scumbag. He did kill someone to protect me, but he’s the reason he had to. Sigh. I don’t know what to think a

bout him. He doesn’t know about my secrets. Or maybe he does.
The only man I can trust is Alex. But he doesn’t know where I am thanks to Bryson. I love them both in ways that are completely different—kind of like my alters.

Wat a friggin’ mess! Dez two are idjits!


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Pieces Of One, Part 2 (The Dark Life Collection, #2)Pieces Of One, Part 2 by S.V.C. Ricketts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, wow!

This was a DOOZY!! So much happens to Tris that I was on the edge of my seat from the beginning. Suspenseful from beginning to end. And that cliffy??? I’ll be pulling my hair out as I wait for the final part of the story.

If you haven’t read the first book, click Part One and go no further.


So Part 2 picks up exactly where Part 1 left off. Tris is with Bryson and is working with him to solve their problems with the DEA and the Croatian mafia. She’s determined to see it through in the hopes that she can get back to her family, get her life back on track and, hopefully return to Alex.

But the more time she spends with Bryson, the more she sees in him and sees that he’s not what she expected. With her alters making sporadic appearances, she’s learning more about herself, her past and the reason they exist.

This only leads to Tris becoming a stronger individual. She’s able to learn from those personas; which ultimately get her through some seriously sticky situations.

Part 2 was jam packed with a level of steam, to keep you panting, and an air of suspense to keep you on your toes with an ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat… wanting more, in a hurry.

I’m excited for what’s may be in store for Tris in Part 3 and I can’t wait to know what happens next.
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SVC Ricketts is an indie Contemporary Romance author and professional smart alec (self-professed). Her work has been recognized by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and was selected as a finalist for the 2013 PNWA Literary Competition in the Romance category. She self-published her first book, a LGTB Romance novella called My Last Season With You in October of 2014. Then in June 2015, indie published Pieces of One, Part 1, the first book in The Dark Life Collection.

Raised between Southern California and Oahu, she moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1993 and although she loves it here, her heart belongs to the Islands-it always will. When she’s not in, what she loving calls “book-mode,” she multitasks her life between her hilarious adult special needs daughter, super smexy husband of 10+ years, two dogs, and sweating out her stress in a hot yoga studio. She’s also an avid Twitter (@SVC_Ricketts) and Facebook (SVC Ricketts) addict (again, self-professed). If you want to check out her other ramblings, you can visit her at - Stalk Here

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