Cover Reveal of Never Again (Again Series, Book 1) by J Lea

Cover Reveal

Never Again (Book 1 in Again series)
by J. Lea
designer: Wonderland Graphic Design (
 – Sarah
Release date:
December 2014
after graduation, Ella Vaughn is on the verge of realizing her dreams of
becoming a professional masseuse. She and her boyfriend finally move in
together and everything seems perfect – almost too perfect. Until tragedy
strikes and completely shatters her world.


Jake “The Beast” Burns is a world
famous motorcyclist. A desirable bachelor, Jake is living a dream life – he has
a loving family, great friends, money and fame. He’s got it all. At least
that’s how it appears, until Ella, a strikingly beautiful brunette, walks into
his life. Ella is completely different from the girls he usually hangs out
with, and that arouses his interest. But not everything is as it seems. Jake is
hiding a great secret which not even the media have been able to uncover.


Will Ella be able to forgive him or will she
never want to see him again?




Other Books:
Because of You
would you do, if you lost the one person in your life that you could count on?
FearThese are the
things, that Aaliyah Thomas had to cope with, all of her life. After the
person, who meant the most to her and who made her life worth living, is
murdered, she escapes and flees to the other side of the country. She enrolls
in a college, determined to go on with her life. What she does not know, is
that the killer is looking for her and will do anything to find her.

Ryder Knight lives
for basketball. He is one of the most popular guys on campus, with a lot of
friends and a good heart. The only thing he misses is honesty. Most hang out
with him because of his money, so he isn’t sure who is sincere and who has
hidden motives.

The attraction
between Ryder and Aaliyah is immediate, but Ryder’s distrust quickly ruins any
chances of them becoming friends.

Is he ready to open
up his heart and once again let love enter his life? Will Aaliyah break down
the walls, that she set up around her heart and finally start trusting others?

Will they get their
forever? Or are their hearts too broken?

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