Naughty Book Review❤Blog Tour~Giveaway: BLACKROCK SERIES by Elizebeth Kelly

Bailey and Summer have been best friends since they were
three years old but on Summer’s nineteenth birthday tragedy strikes, changing
the life of Bailey Mortenson forever. The only thing left for her to do is run,
run far away. 
Finding solace in the town of Blackrock her world is quickly
turned upside down by a chance meeting with Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome. With a
grief stricken heart and trying to settle into a new town can Bailey find the
happiness she deserves ? 
Knox Porter , Tall Dark and handsome, plays the
guitar like its on fire. Has cut himself off from ever allowing another girl to
betray him again. Trusting no one only his twin brother Max , Knox’s life is
about to get a little bit crazy as his closed off heart beats into life when
his eyes lock on the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. 
Will Bailey and Knox get over their own pain
and heartache and finally let love in? Or will tragedy strike again leaving
them both broken and lonely? 
Scarring their hearts one more time.
What do you do when the girl you love stops breathing in your
When life kicks you while you are down? 
You get up and fight, fight like hell!
After struggling to put their pasts behind them
and take a chance on each other, Knox and Bailey begin to move forward in their
But the past always has a way of catching up
with you…….
On a trip back home to Grove for spring break,
that’s just what happens to Bailey. Her past catches up with her, the sender of
the dead roses reveals himself while making good on his threats. Sending Knox
Porter into a place he never thought to be again…sitting in a graveyard, this
time with the still body of the love of his life in his arms.
Join Bailey, Knox, Max and Paige as their lives
evolve and change throughout this book. Each dealing with their own
difficulties and each finding solutions that will, either bring them closer
together or tear them apart.
I am about to tease him, when we are interrupted by a young thirty
something guy who, looks like a Ken doll.
“Frank, nice to see you again,” he drawls with a southern accent.
Shaking my dad’s hand, my dad smiles and makes polite conversation all the
while this guy is eyeballing me from head to toe,
“And you must be?” he asks extending his hand my way. Taking his
hand it feels smooth, too smooth like he uses lotion all the time.
“Bailey and you are?” I ask dropping his too perfect hand.
He smiles at me with nothing but pure lust in his eyes. “Andres,”
he replies, wetting his lips with his tongue still eye-fucking me. “Would you
like a drink, Bailey?” My name drips off his lips like honey and I won’t lie,
it gets my stomach coiling but I raise my already full glass and smile.
My dad excuses himself again and I want to reach out and slap him
for leaving me with Ken but here I am, alone with a real life doll. His sandy
blond hair parted to the side, his skin is tanned like he has spent the last
few weeks on an exotic beach and his smile a little too wide for his face, but
his perfectly straight white teeth gleam at me. He stands staring at my chest
without any hint of embarrassment but an amused lust filled expression playing
across his features,
 “I should probably get
going,” I announce, feeling altogether uncomfortable and slightly turned on in
his presence.
“Can I give you a ride?”
My breath hitches in my throat as he smirks at his own double
meaning. “No thank you. I drove.”
Taking my elbow he leads me behind a big fake bush just at the end
of the bar. Leaning down, I can smell his cologne, a musky heady scent.
“Why don’t you and I go somewhere more private?” His voice laced
with desire rolls over me like a warm summer breeze heating my very core. My
eyes flutter as my lips part slightly. I feel drunk, intoxicated on lust or the
promise of it. Ken doll’s hand leaves my elbow and rests on the small of my
back with his fingers spreading down to the top of my ass as he steps closer to
I look into his hazel eyes and feel trapped he is too close and
his scent is making me dizzy, or maybe that is the blood pounding in my ears as
my heart jackhammers in my chest. Ken leans closer again so his nose skims my
“Darling,” he says and I jump back like I have been shocked.
Breathing hard I glare at him. “Excuse me, I have to go.” Turning
on my heel I walk over to my dad. “Dad, I’m leaving. Walk me out?” I hold onto
my dad like he is my lifeline and avoid Ken as he tries to catch up with us. I
hand the valet my ticket and pray that he hurries.
“Okay sweetheart, I will see you in a week. I promise.” My dad
hugs me and I don’t want to let go of him for fear of being alone if Ken comes
out here. I hear my car before I see it and release my dad kissing his cheek.
“Night dad, love you.” Opening my purse, I give the valet ten
dollars and jump inside driving out of the hotel to the small road before I
readjust my seat.
My heart is pounding; I feel like I just stole a million dollars
and got away with it. Ken was way too smooth and his perfect smooth hands, huh;
I huff at myself but then imagine what it would feel like to have smooth hands
roam my body. Would they make me feel the way Knox’s calloused fingers would?

Coming July/August 2014 
This is not a HEA.


This book is a companion Novella to the Blackrock series. 

Scarred Hearts & Taking Chances.

It deals with the last 9 months of Summer Anderson’s life told from her POV. 


Do we ever know what it truly is? Is it in the hugs from a parent? 

In the laughter shared with a best friend? Or is it the words that slip from the lips of the boy you want to love you back? 

I don’t know, maybe it’s a combination of all three, or maybe just maybe – it’s in the eyes of the person staring back at you through the mirror. The person whom you need to love, in order love another. 

For me staring into the mirror only brings pain, regret, and shame. What I’ve done, the one thing I thought would give me love, brought nothing but shame. This person staring back at me…I don’t know who she is, I don’t know who I am anymore.

Love. Do we ever know what it is?


Bailey, Knox and Max.  This is a trio with a strong connection.  
In Scarred Hearts we meet these three as Bailey makes the move from her hometown to live with her father for the summer.  In Blackrock she sees a tall, dark and handsome (“TDH”) biker while she walked the streets of her new home.  I have to say it took me a while to connect with Bailey.  Eventually the story began to flow in a rhythm that made it easier to follow.  Though the author gives us POVs from the three main characters, it seems monotonous as the POVs that weren’t Bailey’s were just a quick summary of what already occurred.  Once I was able to get my catch on to the story, I did find myself wanting to keep reading to learn what happens next.  Bailey goes through a heard time dealing with grief.  Her relationship with Knox seems rocky but as college kids, that’s what’s to be expected.  I do have to say that Knox and Max were great male characters.  They were not only sexy but the sweetest guys. Sexy twins with hearts of gold.
In Taking Chances, we see how the last year in their lives causes growth in each of them.  They appear more adult as they work through college and deal with the curve balls life throws their way.  It  make them stronger once they’ve overcome the drama and trauma.  I found myself more invested in book 2 of this series.  The characters were more related.  The storytelling had improved and the story line was really good.  There were times I had to force myself to put it down.  Knox and Max become more swoon worthy and Knox was such a romantic guy.  I loved how the relationship developed and grew between Max and Bailey.  They have a strong bond that helps solidify the trio.
Occasionally, with both books, I found that there were some parts of each that had too much detail (scenes not strongly related to the story line) and other times where more details would have been better and helped elaborate a scene.  In my opinion some a scenes felt rushed.  Overall this was a really good series with really good characters.
I give each book 3.75 stars.
On a side note…though my review rating has no bearing on grammar, punctuation or spelling I did find it difficult to overlook. This caused my difficulty to connect with the story. Excessive and improper use of commas made it heard to get through a paragraph and follow along with the story.  In many cases a comma was used when it shouldn’t have been and not used when it should have as well as multiple run on sentences.  This is an enjoyable series, as a reviewer and avid reader I do recommend to the author that the books be reviewed for additional editing.  This will enhance the readers experience and allow them better connection with the story and characters.


Was born and raised in Dublin Ireland (above pic) and immigrated to the United States in 2001. I now live in Southern California :) enjoying the blue skies. 
Why write books?
Well it has always been a dream of mine to write a book, I have written many stories but never finished them or hid them away. Last November with some encouragement from my little sister I wrote my first novel Scarred Hearts. I enjoyed writing that book so much it took me three weeks to finish it! 🙂 
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