Naughty Mom Series Review and Blog Tour: SHAKEN SERIES by Julie Bailes


Mature Audience Only 

**Book 1 in the Shaken Series** 

If someone asked me to describe myself using only one word, I’d tell them damaged. I’m completely broken, irreparable. On the outside, I appear beautiful and bright, but on the inside, my soul is black and empty. I haven’t always been this fragile, scared, and heartbroken woman. Nope. I had the life my peers envied; happily married parents, captain of the volleyball team, and a dangerously sexy and loving boyfriend. Then, faster than I could blink, my life went to hell in a gasoline-soaked hand basket.

Cancer struck. The sting of death pierced my heart, and my so-called ‘loving’ boyfriend left me. Wyatt shattered my heart into a million pieces when he left, but little did he know, it wasn’t just me he walked away from. Four years later, Blake changes everything. Unlike Wyatt, Blake treasures my heart. Blake claims I’m beautifully broken, and that he can fix me, but I know differently.

How can you put something together without all its pieces? You can’t. When Wyatt left, he took most of my heart away with him. You see, hearts are like broken glass; you can put it back together again, but it will never be the same. While I’m undeserving of Blake’s love, he deserves every bit of mine. My biggest fear is that I’ll crush his heart, just as Wyatt did mine.


          I have to say that this was one of the most emotional reads I’ve come across…so far.  The story begins with Allie coming to terms with a great loss in her life and I felt her pain.  As I began to read this story, I was already tearing up from the beginning.  As Allie tries to move on from the pain and push forward, she begins to see one of her best friends in a new light.  The ever attentive and extremely sweet and sensitive gentleman that is Blake and is officially my ultimate dream man.  Who needs a bad boy, biker, billionaire when you have the perfect gentleman who loves with ALL his heart and soul?  I wouldn’t.
           Occasionally, I felt that Allie’s character was a bit whiny for my tastes. I understood she was still reeling from her loss but she expected everyone to continue to suffer as she did.  So occasionally I tended not to like her so much.  Moving on and accepting her recent loss was not something she could easily do and she felt it shouldn’t be easy for anyone else either.

          Blake helped with her recovery and was ever so patient with her.  I fell in love with him from the very beginning.  With the other novels I’ve read, I was expecting him to turn out to be a a secret bad boy, a cheater or just a sadistic ass but he wasn’t and I just loved him even more.  He was perfect in every way.  

          This was such a good story and wonderful start to the series.

          Shattered & Shaken gets 4.5 Naughty Stars 

 **READ after Shattered and Shaken (book 1), and prior to Shattered & Mended (book 2)** Mature audience only 

Walking away from her was the hardest decision I ever made. Leaving her without an explanation broke us both. Our hearts have been left shattered. I could make excuses. I could lay the blame on others, but still I made the decision. I had to. It was the only way to protect the both of them. After all of Allie’s loss, my thought was only on her and her happiness. On her love and need for her big brother. I was replaceable, Kyle wasn’t. I wouldn’t allow him to crush her heart with his death. I knew I had follow him. I would throw myself on top of bombs, in front of bullets, whatever it took to get him home to her, alive. There are two sides to every story, and you’ve only heard one. Don’t be so quick to judge; I hate myself for what I’ve done. But all that I did, it was all for Allie. 


Pulchritudinous [pukl-kri-tood-n-uh-s]: adj. physically beautiful, comely; n. formal, literary or physical beauty
          What can you say about a man that would use such an unknown/rare word to describe how beautiful you are when he sees your naked body for the first time?  I’ll admit, I had to look this word up.  I didn’t expect to find it’s definition to be so utterly romantic.  And ladies, that’s exactly what we get when we read All for Allie.  

          In this story we get to read Wyatt’s POV.  In this companion piece several parts of the story are filled and explained as to Wyatt’s whereabouts and whys.  We also see how intense his friendship with Kyly (Allie’s brother) was and deeply his love for Allie runs and that he’ll fight to win back her love.  

          Wyatt is another one of the good guys.  His one and only love is Allie and he won’t let her go.  As I fell in love with Blake in Shattered & Shaken, I began to see Wyatt in a new light.  As I read this story, I began to feel torn between Wyatt and Blake.  They both loved Allie completely and unconditionally and treated her as if she was the only woman in the world.  I can say that Allie is one lucky girl to have both of these amazing men after her heart.

          As did the first book, I had to fight back tears.  This was another emotional read and though it was a novella, it added so much to this series.

          All for Allie gets 5 Naughty Stars for making me feel so much in this novella.


**READ Shattered & Shaken and All for Allie prior to Shattered & Mended, as this is the last in the series** Mature Audience My mind was made up and my decision had been made, but fate felt the need to rear her ugly head and demand control. Fate is guaranteed, not to be reckoned with, and she won’t be defeated. You see, she’s the author to our stories that have already been written; there’s no editing them. Try as you might, but all you’ll do is piss her off. When you fuck with fate’s masterpiece, tragedy strikes, death occurs, and hearts get shattered. I’ve never been one to follow the rules. So instead, I stood with arms wide open and I challenged her. I knew the possibilities of her kicking my ass were high, but I refused to back down. I invited all the heat she packed, and quickly learned my lesson… You don’t fuck with her. 



          Ok, so I have to say that Julie Bailes has made me tear up and/or cry with each book in this series.  That’s a first for me.  I’m not an easy cryer and it takes a lot to make me literally feel the sadness in a story I read.  This series was EXTREMELY well written and each book only got better than the previous.

          After reading All for Allie, I couldn’t decide who I wanted Allie to be with.  Either man would be the ultimate catch.  I do have to say that as the book came to a conclusion…I still felt strongly for Blake and I will forever be #teamblake.  Though Wyatt loved Allie with all his heart and soul, in my eyes, Blake showed that he loved her  more.  I won’t giveaway how, but I think he proved he was the better pick.  Of course, being this is my review, that would just be my opinion.  

            Shattered & Mended was filled with much more drama than the previous books.  Allie is faced with learning what type of person her best friend, Sophie, truly is.  She deals with more heartbreak and difficult decisions that anyone would just crumple to the ground if faced with the same experiences.  She truly became a strong woman compared to the whiny girl I came to know in Shattered & Shaken.  She became an independent woman after dealing with her life over the course of a year or so.  

          I commend Julie for bringing to life an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING series and sharing it with her readers.  I’m in awe of what I read and will always use these stories as a comparison for what I read in the future.  She set the bar quite high and if I could officially give more than 5 stars…I’d have to say that all three books in this series would get 8.5 Naughty Stars, hands down!

           As it stands, Shattered & Mended has earned 5 great big golden stars for an emotional heart warming and heart wrenching read.  Heart wrenching because I still feel like I’m recovering from a book hangover after 2 weeks of reading it.




Born and raised in Nashville, TN, wife of one, mother of three, and chocolate fanatic! Author of Shattered and Shaken, due to release mid September. I attend nursing school full time, but in my spare time I love spending time with my family watching movies, eating junk food, and every once in a while a girls night out on the town. I enjoy reading, even though I haven’t read much since I’ve began my journey as author. I live by the motto “Live life as if you’re dying, Laugh until your stomach hurts, Love until your heart stops beating, and never judge.” Simple rules to follow. We never know what someone else is going through or what they have been through. Life is too short to be angry, unforgiving, or depressed. Each day is a gift from God that can be taken at any given moment- embrace the gift of life….


                               Julie Bailes Amazon Author Page    Julie Bailes Facebook Author Page

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