Naughty Mom Review: TARGET THIS by Lily White

Target ThisTarget This by Lily White

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 star for this mind f*ck.

Lily White brings a new concept with each new story. As I read each page, I found myself wondering what was happening next. What I expected was not what the reader would typically expect. Target This explores the mind of the anti-hero and why he does what he does. This book delves into the art of manipulation and I couldn’t help but think,”WTF?” as I read the last pages.

I find it difficult to explain what’s behind the pages of this book without giving too much away…

Autumn Cleary is the typical librarian type. Prim and proper with all aspects of her life as sterile as can be. One day, she comes across a dark, mysterious and handsome man that turns her world upside down.

Lucas Bates is a writer with dark fantasies who makes a living putting those desires on paper for the masses. He seems Autumn as a challenge being that she’s the complete opposite of his readers/fans. They don’t get a long and she utterly despises him, but events in her life leave her no choice but to seek his help. Which turns out to be a HUGE mistake.

The events that followed had my head spinning. I couldn’t decide whether I was for or against Lucas. Which are the same feelings Autumn went through. I felt like I was in her shoes as I read this story. That alone speaks volumes of how well written the story was. Lily did a great job of making you feel the manipulation that Autumn goes through.

Another great read for this Naughty Mom.

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