BLOG TOUR: A Girl Walks Into A Wedding by Helena S. Paige


INTO A WEDDING: Your Fantasy, Your Rules
Genre: Erotica
By Helena S. Paige
Release Date:  5/27/2014
The wedding has just begun and every decision you make can
leave you satisfied… or craving more in this funny and sexy novel in which
you make the rules…
YOU are invited to a
wedding. As you try on what must be the ugliest bridesmaid dress (and that is
saying a lot) you realize so much can go wrong with this event. Your best
friend needs to know NOW if you are bringing a date. So what is a girl to do?
Do you bring the sexy guy you have only gone on one date with, or do you brave
it and go alone?


In this novel, you make the decisions. Will your dream date
turn out to be a dud? Will the best man find a way under your ugly dress? Will
the bachelorette party end with a bang or a fizzle? Will the wedding even
happen at all? Will your decision leave you pleasantly satisfied or
disappointed and yearning for more? All of these experiences are awaiting you
at the beautiful country estate. Now all you must do is choose…
It’s your fantasy. Your rules.
The choice is all yours. . . .
Your best friend is getting married and she’s asked you to be a
bridesmaid. You have so many decisions to make. . . .
Do you ask the gorgeous but mysterious man you just met to come as
your date?
Or do you go solo?
Once the wedding weekend gets under way, will you ditch your date?
Get down and dirty with the hot DJ? Dodge the disreputable best man?
Or perhaps the rugged pilot you meet in the bar will open up
unexpected erotic opportunities—and who knew the maid of (dis)honor had such a
sultry streak?
You also have to navigate through the bachelorette party, the
bride’s wedding jitters, the dress from hell, and more. Perhaps the most
tempting option is to flee the entire affair with a tall, dark stranger . . .
or maybe an old friend who could surprise you with a sizzling encounter.
You make the decisions—a wild ride is guaranteed.
a brief excerpt—it’s hard to give you more, because of the interactive nature
of the text. However, there is an app available for 5 excerpts from the book
that simulate the choose your own experience. I’d love it people could post
about it, too: 
isn’t a regular novel with a set beginning, middle and end. This is your story,
and you’re in charge. Of your life, your sexuality, your fantasies.
here’s how it works: at the end of every scene, you’ll be given a choice, with
instructions to turn to the page that corresponds with your selection. It’s
simple: YOU pick what you want to do, where you want to go, who you want to be
with. There are no right or wrong decisions. Just keep turning or clicking
through to the pages, and you’re guaranteed a wild ride that you shape and
“what if”? Want to try something different? Unlike in life, here you can press
the “reset” button. Just click or flip back the pages to the previous fork in
the road, pick something different, and head out on a new adventure.
remember: it’s your fantasy, your rules.
S. Paige

women know that bridesmaids’ dresses are a secret plot of the devil. No matter
how much your best friend, sister or cousin promises she will not dress you up
as The Bride of Frankenstein on Disco Night, odds are you’ll be walking down
the aisle swathed in the kind of fabric used to upholster sofas, in the one
color designed to make you look jaundiced.
But you’re not feeling any pre-bridesmaid’s dress fitting panic
today. Jane is your oldest friend in the world, and you know she’d never expect
you to wear a monstrosity. You’ve seen pictures of what she has in mind for you
– a tasteful slip-dress in a harmless dark-blue satin.
‘Champagne?’ a shop assistant asks, holding out a tray of glasses, the bubbles
racing to pop out of the top of each glass.
‘Yes please,’ says Cee Cee, Jane’s older sister and maid of honor, appearing
beside you and taking a glass. Cee Cee adores weddings – in fact, as a wedding
planner, she makes a living out of them. You’re a little worried she might be
infecting Jane with too much bridezilla hysteria and over-the-topness – most of
the events she presides over make the last royal wedding look like an elopement
followed by a piss-up in the local pub – but you have to admit, she’s a great
‘Have you seen Jane’s dress?’ you ask, sinking into one of the luxurious
armchairs set in front of a wall of mirrors and a little podium, designed for
optimum dress viewing.
‘Not yet! But I can’t wait,’ Cee Cee says, settling down in the
chair next to yours, eyes shining. ‘And you will just die when Jane
tells you about my idea for the bridesmaids’ dresses!’
That sounds rather alarming. You’re about to ask for details, but
then Jane steps out of the dressing room, closely followed by a mountain of
fabric, the bridal shop proprietor fussing over the train of the dress.
‘Oh my God, Jane!’ you say.
Helena S. Paige is the pseudonym of authors Helen Moffett,
Sarah Lotz and Paige Nick.PAIGE NICK is an author,
award-winning advertising copywriter and columnist, she has a weekly column in
the Sunday Times, which covers everything from sex to dating and
general lunacy.

HELEN MOFFETT wears many hats:
freelance writer, editor, researcher, trainer, academic and flamenco fan.

SARAH LOTZ is a screenwriter and
novelist with a fondness for fake names.. She writes urban horror novels under
the name S.L. Grey with author Louis Greenberg and a YA pulp-fiction zombie
series with her daughter, Savannah, under the pseudonym Lily Herne.





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