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What if your entire reality changed on you one day?
You wake up and your family and friends aren’t who you thought they were.
You look around, and the world isn’t what you thought it was.
You don’t even recognize yourself.
You and your reality are a complete mystery to you.

Simone’s life was about to undergo that disturbing journey. Love, lust, death, betrayal.

How do you fight the devil himself when he consumes you with lust?
How can you love someone who has come to take back your brother’s soul?

Shamar, soul keeper and son of Death, had never met such a unique soul before Simone. Captivated by her, he broke all rules to be near her — to love and protect her. But how do you protect someone from evil when the forces of good seem to be working against you?

When Lucifer himself crawled from Hell to claim Simone, what sacrifices would Shamar make to keep her safe?

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Naughty Mom Review

There comes a time when we’ve read a book that makes us feel honored to have been one of the first readers of a story.  That statement applies to this book.  I’m familiar with Ker Dukey’s work and have been a fan since reading Broken.  Then I her follow up novel The Broken Parts of Us which went in a direction I didn’t expect and I was truly impressed with her growth as an author.  After reading My Soul Keeper, I was in awe of the storyline and characters in her latest book.

My Soul Keeper is a story of Simone and Shamar.  Simone is just the typical girl finishing her senior year of high school.  Shamar is the son of Death and has a job he’s been devoted to for centuries until he sees Simone while performing the tasks of his current assignment.  The moment he crosses paths with Simone he’s overwhelmed by his need to know about her and just be in her presence. Though unseen Simone can feel the comfort and calm Shamar presence brings her.  The moment she lays eyes on Shamar she’s consumed by her desire to be with him.  However, as her heart is drawn to Shamar, she feels her body fight the desire for another.

As the battle of good and evil wages on, Simone must too fight the battle between her hear and her body.

“You’re extraordinary.  the light in the darkness, the smell of the meadow, the rain in a desert, the sun in the summer…  Your fresh water in the clearest lake.  You’re the soul of life, Heaven on Earth, the beat in my heart”

As I read the story I could actually envision it as a SciFi movie; which I love.  Angels vs. Demons; good vs. evil and an all consuming love are all wonderful combination for a great read and Ker Dukey did a magnificent job of telling her story and transporting me to a realm where all of this is possible.  My Soul Keeper is the first paranormal romance I’ve read since beginning my romance reads addiction.  If My Soul Keeper is any indication of what I’ve been missing in this genre, I will most certainly be reading more of them.

This Naughty Mom gives My Soul Keeper 5 shining stars and looks forward to exploring more of this romance genre.



My Soul Keeper Blog Teaser



Not seeing Simone all week left my craving for her unsatisfied and vibrating my blood with anticipation for when I could feed it again. New charges have kept me busy and the temptation to touch her when she was reaching out to me in her bedroom after the party nearly consumed and broke me. Distance was what I needed but now I need to see her again. I waited long enough; I have proven to myself that I’m strong and not a fool to human weakness.

Sensing her soul I appear close to her. She’s in a shop so I go to the coffee stool positioned opposite and order a drink. The girl serving me blushes when she hands me my change. I can sense her attraction to me; it radiates off her in waves and has her embarrassed because of it. I smile with a wink at her and drop the change into the tip jar. I hear her intake of breath and laugh quietly to myself as I turn and almost spill my cup onto Simone’s chest.

“Oh my go…,” she gasps and her eyes twinkle with recognition. A smile falls over her face, stilling my heartbeat. “We meet again.” Her soft musical voice flows.

“I’m sorry I nearly scalded your…” I look down at her impressive chest and back to her face, which is tinted with the pink flush from my gaze.

“Body,” I offer with a shake of my head, which earns me a giggle. It nearly floors me. Pulling a stray hair from her mouth, she watches my movements. Parting her lips, her tongue darts out to moisten them; I caress her bottom lip with the pad of my thumb, taking the hair with it across to her cheek. There’s an electrical storm erupting inside my body. Her eyes are glazed; everything around us has fallen into silence, we are the only two who exist in this moment.

My thumb retraces it journey to her mouth with a press of her lips she kisses it. My whole body crackles and tingles. She’s turned on and it magnifies my own arousal. Leaning forward without thought of consequence, I touch my lips to hers. Her body melts into mine; the taste of her red lips is like the sweetest forbidden fruit. The warmth of her tongue slips into my mouth and I meet it with my own: grasping her face deepening the kiss. Her supple body moulds further into mine, her breasts pushing against my chest, our hips pushing into each other’s. The whole world falls away and I feel like Heaven has claimed me and this is it; she is my Heaven.

“Holy shit!” a voice shouts out, ringing in my ears.

Simone pulls away, breathless, her pouty red lips still slightly open and swollen from my kiss. Her eyes roam my face with bewilderment. “That was…”

“Amazing,” I finish her sentence.

Her friend grabs her shoulders and turns her from my gaze. It breaks the spell. I notice we have gathered an audience as were standing in the middle of the mall making out like we were in a private room. She looks around and drops her face to the floor, embarrassed. Lifting her chin, I whisper, “Never look down Simone, only up.” I bring my lips to her forehead before walking away once again.



When not lost in my mind of characters i can be found reading or spending time with family. I prefer a darker edge to my writing, not all life and love stories are light, some are grown from darkness. I was raised by a bookaholic. My mum started me on Anne rice as soon as i was old enough. I love losing myself in an authors world and create them for my fans.


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